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Former Tallahassee Classical School principal Hope Carrasquilla said she was asked to resign for failing to inform parents of a lesson on the marble statue of the biblical figure depicted in the nude.

The principal of a school in Florida has resigned after parents allegedly complained about their sixth-graders seeing Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of the biblical figure of David. According to the Washington Post, Tallahassee Classical School principal Hope Carrasquilla was asked to resign this week after an emergency school board meeting. The Tallahassee Democrat was the first to break the news. Although Carrasquilla said she was not told the reason for her decision, she said it was probably a lesson about the marble statue, showing David naked, that was taught to sixth graders. It is with a heavy heart that my time as principal of the Tallahassee Classical School has come to an end,” she wrote in a letter to the school board, according to the Post. While speaking with HuffPost, Carrasquilla said she didn’t expect the kind of reaction she received from the school board. While speaking to the outlet, Carrasquilla said that she should send a letter to the parents before the lesson takes place. But due to “miscommunications”, the message was not sent.


Hope Carrasquilla’s age is not mentioned.

Former Tallahassee Classical School principal Hope Carrasquilla forced to resign over an inappropriate art lesson

As a result, at least one parent “felt his child shouldn’t see those pieces,” HuffPost reported, while the Tallahassee Democrat said one parent felt the statue was “pornographic.” School board president Barney Bishop confirmed to the Post and CBS affiliate WCTV that Carrasquilla was given an ultimatum to resign or be fired after complaints about the sculpture, though he said the decision was based primarily on communication. PEOPLE reached out to Tallahassee Classical School and Bishop for comment Friday afternoon. Contact information for Carrasquilla could not immediately be found. They wouldn’t let her go because of the artistic nude photos. We show them to our students every year,” she told the Post. “The problem with this particular issue was the lack of follow through on the process.” She added to HuffPost: “Parental rights trump everything else.

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In a letter to the board, Carrasquilla asserted that she “had always wished well for the Tallahassee Classical School” and that she was not “promoting myself or furthering a political agenda,” the Post reported. According to The Art Newspaper, Tallahassee Classical School is affiliated with Hillsdale College, a conservative Christian institution. A 2022 New York Times report said the university has shunned what it called “progressive academics” and “leftists.” The Washington Post reported that Carrasquilla was named principal of the school less than a year ago. The “David”, sculpted by Michelangelo around the year 1500, is considered a masterpiece by critics and is one of the most recognized works of art in the world.

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