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‘I didn’t even think about it,’ claims Henri d’Anselme, 24, who was shown on film trying to disarm a man with a bag before chasing him.

On Thursday, a guy on a year-long walking tour of France’s churches claims he was supposed to be in an Annecy park when an assailant began stabbing children. Henri d’Anselme, 24, of Paris, has been hailed ‘the rucksack hero’ after intervening in the attack on Thursday that injured two adults and four infants. According to Reuters, video footage shows him using backpacks to block the attacker, whom he then pursues. He tosses a bag at the guy at one point. “I didn’t even think about it,” the devout Catholic stated of tracking down the “furious madman,” according to the Guardian. “I let myself be guided by providence and the Virgin Mary,” he said, according to Reuters. “I bid you farewell. They would decide what happened.”

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Henri d’Anselme is 24 years old.

France honors ‘backpack hero’ who battled knife attacker in Annecy

He was nine months and 800 miles into his tour, documented on Instagram, when he stopped in Annecy, about 25 miles south of Geneva, Switzerland. He posted a snapshot of the city’s eponymous lake early Thursday morning, before “atrocious scenes” occurred at a park on the lakeside where families were enjoying the sunshine. When he heard shouts and saw a man with a knife, d’Anselme went towards the turmoil and ended up “chasing the attacker out of the children’s area,” according to the Guardian. His boldness was all the more impressive given that d’Anselme is described by a friend as “a beanpole who is afraid of heights,” according to the publication. “But you do what you can,” d’Anselme said after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday. “Anyone else would have done what I did.”

Two adults and four children between the ages of 22 and 36 months, including a British national and a Dutch national, were injured in the morning attack, Reuters reports. On Friday, two of the seriously injured kids were classified in stable condition. According to Reuters, police detained a 31-year-old Syrian native who was granted refuge in Sweden ten years ago and entered France legitimately. According to the site, the man, who is thought to be homeless, was questioned by police on Sunday while washing himself in Annecy Lake, according to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. He also stated that the man’s asylum application in France was denied around the same time.

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