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Helen Shaw, a mother of three, collided head-on with another car on the A67, near Kirklevington, Yarm. Passenger Rosina Ingram, 85, suffered serious injuries and died several days later. Following the accident in July 2019, Ms Shaw was initially charged with death by careless or inconsiderate driving, although the charge was later dropped. But the victim’s heartbroken son, Stephen Ingram, has now told an inquest at Teesside Coroner’s Court that he wanted Mrs Shaw to understand the “severity of the impact” the collision has had on her family. As he will not face a criminal trial, Mr Ingram testified that he wanted Mrs Shaw, who is in her early forties, to “remember her words” from him. He said “I don’t accept your account and for that you will be responsible forever”. However, Yarm’s wife was cleared of all blame when the reckless driving charge was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The fatal accident involved Helen Shaw’s gray Seat Leon, an Audi Q7 and Mr and Mrs Ingram’s red Nissan Note on July 25, 2019, at around 11.55am. Mrs. Ingram, 85, was a passenger in the Nissan Note driven by her husband. The retired Stockton carer died at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, on August 2, 2019, from injuries to his chest and abdomen. Mrs Shaw has previously told her inquest that she was returning to her home in Yarm, Teesside, in her Seat Leon on the A67 on the day of the accident, when she “felt pain” in the back of her head. Leg. The dog breeder and equestrian worker looked down and saw a wasp crawling up her leg, while she ‘lost concentration’ due to the pain of the sting. Mr. and Mrs. Ingram were traveling in the direction of Kirklevington and Mrs. Shaw was driving in the opposite direction. Behind Mr. and Mrs. Ingram was the Audi Q7. Woodhouse explained that Mrs. Shaw crossed to the other side of the road and collided with the Nissan Note.

This caused the vehicles to be pushed back inside the Audi. The collision occurred near the old Judges Hotel, on the left hand bend. Woodhouse said the speed limit on the A67 is 60mph, but there is a recommended speed limit of 40mph on the approach curve in both directions. He added that there were no environmental factors or defects in any car that could have contributed to the accident. He added that Mrs. Shaw “lost concentration” because of the presence of a wasp and a wasp sting. “She had her eyes taken off the road and she was on the wrong side of the road at the time,” she said. The coroner’s court heard statements from several witnesses who stated that Mrs Shaw was sitting on the floor, near the driver’s door of the Seat Leon, and said that she had “broken leg”. A paramedic who attended the scene added that Ms Shaw stated that she had “panicked” after a wasp “flew in through the window”. She added that when she “looked up, she had crossed the line onto the road and collided with the oncoming vehicle.”

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Helen Shaw age is not mentioned.

Investigation Report

A police officer, who spoke to the mother-of-three on the side of the road, told how she said: ‘Are the people in that car okay? Everything is my fault.’ Coroner Karin Welsh asked Mr Woodhouse if there was any chance of Mrs Shaw stopping on the A67. She said there were several places where Ms Shaw could have stopped, including a rest area and the entrance to Judge’s hotel. Ms Shaw, a dog breeder and equestrian worker, took the witness stand and told how she had two passengers in the car at the time of the accident and that she had been traveling for about five minutes. She said she was traveling toward the roundabout and estimated her speed was between 30 and 35 mph on the left curve. She said she “felt something” on her leg and “looked down” and saw a wasp. However, she “looked back and crashed into her car.” Ms Shaw said she only noticed the wasp “when she felt it”, but she “didn’t know it was there before”. None of the passengers mentioned a wasp and she did not see it enter through the window, she added.

The court was shown photographs of two stings on Ms Shaw’s legs: one on the top of her right leg, near the knee, and the other on her left shin. She recounted that she had gone left on the curve but that she “did not complete the curve” after looking at the wasp. When she was asked how long she had looked down, she replied: “Seconds, I would say two seconds.” It was enough time for me to say ‘wasp shit’ and look up again. Coroner Welsh stated that it was “a very short space of time to have crossed the road and Helen Shaw agreed.” Coroner Welsh proposed to Ms Shaw that she could have put the car in a safe place before looking down. She replied that it was a ‘reaction’ and not a ‘conscious thought’. ‘I felt something and I looked,’ she said. She began sobbing in the witness box as she gave evidence. A family statement was read out to the court. Stephen Ingram, son of Rosina Ingram, told how his dad is ‘dying in a care home’ after a four-year health battle. He ‘never recovered and his health deteriorated’ following the crash in 2019. The heartbroken son stated that the collision ‘claimed the life of his mother and father’. He told the court that his father had ‘battled courageously’ since the death of Mrs Ingram.

In the statement, Mr Ingram thanked members of the emergency services and members of the public who looked after his parents before they were taken to hospital. He also thanked nurses and doctors who cared for his mother. However, he stated that he was ‘not impressed’ with the collision investigation report and that it took ‘four years and one month’ for the inquest to conclude. He also stated that there were ‘delays’ by the Crown Prosecution Service who then ultimately dropped the case against Ms Shaw. Mr Ingram then spoke directly to Ms Shaw. He stated that he wanted her to understand the ‘gravity of impact’ the collision has had on his family and as she will not face a criminal trial, he wants her to ‘remember his words’. He said: ‘I do not accept your account and for that you will be forever accountable.’ Coroner Welsh stated that, in her opinion, she believed the wasp was already in the car when Helen Shaw’s journey began. She added that Helen Shaw ‘looked down for a period of time and crossed the road and collided with the Nissan Note’.

The coroner stated that Ms Shaw was ‘not in full control’ of her vehicle. She added that ‘driver’s must make conscious decisions relating to safety at all times’. It was recorded that Rosina Ingram died as a result of a road traffic collision. In 2021, when charges were dropped against Ms Shaw, a CPS spokesperson said: ‘The defendant’s line of defence from the beginning of this case was that she had been stung by a wasp whilst driving, causing her to lose control of her vehicle. No evidence was uncovered by police which supported that line of defence. ‘It was appropriate at that stage to bring a charge of causing death by careless driving and to allow a jury to decide whether the defendant had in fact been stung, and whether this had caused her to lose control of her vehicle. Further evidence, subsequently obtained, was supportive of the defendant’s version of events. ‘Following a further review of the case, we decided there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction and took the appropriate decision to formally offer no evidence in the case.’

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