Helen and Michelle McPartland Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Jailed for framing brother-in-law Graham Potter for crime he didn’t commit


Helen and Michelle McPartland Wiki – Biography

Helen, 44, and Michelle McPartland, 51, falsely claimed that Graham Potter had violated a no-abuse order against the older brother.

Graham had walked past Helen’s car with her partner Alicia, who is Michelle’s other sister, amid an ongoing family dispute. .He then responded to an insult Helen made, saying “did you hear the tummy tuck brigade?”, which was done in reference to an operation Michelle had, reports the Liverpool Echo.The next day, Graham was at a soccer game when his partner called him to say the police were looking for him.He attended Widnes police station, where he was arrested on suspicion of breaching a no sexual assault order after both sisters lied about Michelle being in the car with Helen.After being advised by his lawyer to plead guilty, Graham received an eight-week sentence suspended for one year.Helen and Michelle wept as they were jailed for ten months each after admitting they had perverted the course of justice.Her younger sister could be heard wailing “I’m going to jail” before she was led from the dock at Liverpool Crown Court.

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Helen, 44, and Michelle McPartland, 51, years old.

Two sisters sob as they are jailed for framing brother-in-law after he made ‘tummy tuck’ joke

The court was told the rift broke out when Helen and Michelle were left out of her late mother’s will. On August 6 last year, Graham and his wife were walking in Widnes with his dog when they saw Helen’s car parked nearby.The pair then walked away in the opposite direction when they saw Michelle due to the warrant Graham was held to.As they passed Helen’s car, he joked about tummy tucks before leaving the area with Alicia.Graham was later told that he had violated the order after the sisters falsely claimed that Michelle was also in the car.Isabella Denn-White, defending herself, said: “They have raised their hands at this offense. They tell me they are extremely sorry.”“The dispute in the family began when the sisters were left out of their mother’s will.

The defendants accept his wickedness.”Clearly there has been tit for tat between both sides of the family. The defendants describe being on the verge of breaking up.”Handing down the sentence, Judge David Swinnerton called the dispute “pathetic”.He added: “This was a blatant lie, deliberately told to arrest Mr Potter and make it appear as if he had committed a criminal offence. I don’t know if Mr Potter has appealed his conviction, but he should, he shouldn’t.” be in his file. “It’s only because his wife didn’t let the matter go that this finally came to light, not because of your admitting it. You were only too happy to allow everything I’ve described to happen to Graham Potter.”You must have planned it, knowing full well that it would result in a false conviction. Fortunately, he didn’t actually go to prison, but he had a suspended sentence hanging over his head.”

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