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Heidi Kathleen Carter Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charged, Murder, Investigation Report

Heidi Kathleen Carter Wiki – Bio

Heidi Kathleen Carter, an Indiana jury convicted a woman of rape and murder charges after she met a couple on a dating app, staged a deadly threesome at her home, and then ordered pizza while the victim’s body lay on the floor. above, according to authorities.

A Vanderburgh County jury Wednesday found Heidi Kathleen Carter guilty of six counts, including two counts of rape; three counts of criminal confinement; and one count of aiding, abetting or causing murder for killing 50-year-old Tim Ivy and raping a woman inside her Stinson Avenue home with her boyfriend, Carey Hammond.

Heidi Kathleen Carter Age

Heidi Kathleen Carter is 37 years old.

Charged with Rape and Murder

Carter met the female victim on a “lesbian dating app,” according to an arrest report, and invited the victim and Ivy, the victim’s boyfriend, to the Stinson Avenue home. The three began to have consensual sex which turned violent when Hammond walked into the room and raged on seeing him.

“The next thing I know, a man burst through the door with a baseball bat and attacked us,” the victim said in court, adding that Hammond “swung [the bat] around like a golf club,” the Courier reported. & Press.

Evansville police initially arrested Carter in October 2021 after she responded to her home for a possible “kidnapping and murder.” Carter left the house and was taken into custody when the police arrived.

Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond, came out of the house and pointed a firearm at authorities, who fatally shot him. Police then located the female victim inside the home with “a serious injury,” as well as Ivy, who was dead and wrapped in a blanket with duct tape, according to the arrest report.

Carter and Hammond reportedly held Ivy down with duct tape and the female victim with Velcro, at which point Hammond struck them with a bat and raped the female victim. The victim told investigators that Carter was holding a firearm and threatening to kill both Ivy and the female victim and stated that she “she knows somebody in Indianapolis who knows how to hide a body.”

Carter left the house for “a short time”, and while she was gone, Hammond strangled Ivy with her belt as she tried to escape the duct-taped restraints. Hammond wrapped Ivy’s body in blankets, and when Carter returned, she offered to help move her body to a different room, witnesses told investigators. Later, Carter and Hammond invited a housekeeper to her Stinson Avenue home to clean it. The housekeeper noticed blood on Carter’s shoes and a firearm in her hand. She was told to clean two rooms and then Carter and Hammond ordered pizza.

Upstairs, the housekeeper heard a female voice calling for help. She also “went to sit on what she thought was a pile of pillows and blankets” and noticed it was a body, according to the arrest report. When the housekeeper asked to leave, Hammond and Carter sat her down and told her that she couldn’t leave and that she “better listen” to Hammond. Finally, she was able to escape and found a state trooper to respond.

Carter admitted to threatening and helping to hide Ivy’s body. Police also found a black revolver in her possession, but she told investigators she was only “pretending” to help Hammond appease him, according to the arrest report.

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