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Hayley Burke, 36, died in hospital on Monday evening after being shot two days earlier during a standoff with police in Dartford, Kent.

At 12.40 pm on Saturday afternoon, armed police and a professional negotiator were dispatched to a terraced property on Priory Road in response to allegations of a disturbance. Ms Burke, who had two sons who ‘were her life,’ was brought to a hospital in London after being shot with a handgun. According to police, a 29-year-old male was also rushed to the hospital with a gun injury and is still in critical condition. The incident occurred while millions of television viewers were watching King Charles III’s Coronation at Westminster Abbey, which was 16 miles distant. Hayley was the loudest buddy in the group and never failed to get everyone laughing,’ one of Ms Burke’s pals told KentLive.

‘Hayley adored her children with all of her heart. Everything she did was for her boys, who were her entire world. ‘Hayley would do anything for everyone but wasn’t hesitant to tell you if you were making fun of her. She was brutally honest, and it was one of her better qualities. You could always ask Hayley for an honest opinion. Her absence from our lives will never be replaced. She deserved none of this. She has so much to give in terms of love and life.’ Ms Burke was described as a ‘nice woman’ by one couple who knew her. ‘She used to work at my kid’s school years ago,’ claimed the 46-year-old parent, who did not want to be identified. I’ve known her for a long time. She was a lovely young lady. It’s terrible, especially on our doorstep, and it scared a lot of people. But it’s dreadful; this neighbourhood has completely deteriorated.’

‘My son, 14 years old, recognised her and said “she really helped me,” said the mother, who stated her children were outside when it happened. She was always helpful and never disrespectful. Another resident, who wished to remain nameless, claimed he had just returned from the capital’s Coronation to discover the road closed. ‘I couldn’t get down from that end, so I went down to that end, and then I heard the bullets, and cops were urging everyone to hide behind the barriers,’ he told KentLive. It was concerning.’ ‘I was concerned since I hadn’t heard anything about what was going on. I just heard rumours from my neighbours. I just found out that someone died.’ I’m embarrassed to tell people since there’s been a shooting on your road, they think you live in a rough estate, but it’s not, it’s a good road,’ he said. When asked if he still felt comfortable in the area, he replied, ‘Yes. The cops arrived and knocked on the door the next day to reassure everyone.’

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Hayley Burke was 36 years old.

Dartford Shooting: Hayley Burke Killed

‘An investigation into a weapons incident at a residence in Dartford is now being investigated as murder after the person died in hospital,’ said a Kent Police spokeswoman. Officers and a professional police negotiator responded to the address and sought to communicate with a man inside. While firearms officers were on the scene, a 36-year-old lady received injuries suspected to have been caused by a handgun and was brought to a London hospital. The victim died as a result of her injuries on the evening of May 8. The 29-year-old male was also rushed to the hospital with a firearms injury and is still in critical condition.

‘He is being treated as a suspect, and the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate is leading the investigation.’ Witnesses reported how police roped off the road and told residents to remain inside their homes before breaking down the front door. After an hour-long standoff, ‘pandemonium’ erupted, and neighbours reported hearing what sounded like two rounds of gunshots. The scene was described as ‘scary’ by one woman who did not want to be identified. Because police were present at the site at the time of the injuries, Kent Police made a statutory reference to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). There was no use of police weaponry. On Saturday, we were contacted by Kent Police about a weapons incident in Dartford, where a woman and a man sustained significant injuries,’ said an IOPC spokeswoman. ‘We have now been informed that the woman involved has passed away. Today, we got a mandatory referral from Kent Police on this event, which we are reviewing to decide whether we need to take any further action.’

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