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Harvey Evans and Kyrees Sullivan Wiki – Biography

Harvey Evans and Kyrees Sullivan the victims – A grieving uncle has blamed police for his nephew’s death after CCTV footage showed the boy and his friend were chased by officers before dying in an electric bicycle smash.

Harvey, 15, and Kyrees, 16, were killed on Cardiff’s Ely housing estate on Monday evening just minutes after they were pursued by a police van. Initially, Labour’s police and crime commissioner for the area dismissed the claims of a police chase, saying the allegations were ‘rumours’ on social media, following riots in the area on Monday night. But last night, after the video was made public, South Wales Police said officers had been trailing the boys. But Chief Superintendent Martyn Stone insisted there were no police vehicles on the street when the crash took place. ‘My nephew and his best mate are dead because they chased him on a little electric motorbike,’ Kyrees’ uncle told The Times. Witnesses criticised the ‘lying’ police force for ‘bullying’ local youths as residents warn the community has ‘lost confidence in the police’.

South Wales Police said it had referred itself to the Independent Office for Policing Conduct (IOPC) after the disorder to ‘ensure the matter receives independent scrutiny’. The footage showing the police van following the boys was reportedly filmed on Frank Road – about half a mile from the site of the crash on Snowden Road. The clip is time-stamped at just after 5.59 pm, with the fatal collision reported to police at 6.03 pm. It was circulated on social media and friends of the boys’ families confirmed yesterday that they believed it showed them sharing the £4,000 e-bike. Neither appeared to be wearing a helmet. Harvey’s godmother, Bridy Bool, insisted the boys had done nothing to spark a police ‘chase’, adding: ‘They were bare-faced innocent children.’

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Harvey Evans,15, and Kyrees Sullivan 16 years old.

Video Investigation of the Cardiff Riots

Locals alleged that ‘police have lied’ about pursuing the boys despite video ‘evidence’ showing they were ‘speeding after them’. ‘If they didn’t chase them, then they wouldn’t have died,’ a resident who branded officers as liars told The Sun. They added: ‘That’s what the police are like around here anyway. They will bully, chase and do whatever they can to all the little kids around here. It’s disgusting.’

Another claimed the Ely community has ‘lost confidence’ in South Wales police and said residents are ‘worried it’s all going to go off again’.

Cardiff councillor Rodney Berman said the emergence of the CCTV video poses ‘serious questions’ about the ‘version of events’ given by the force and crime commissioner. The Liberal Democrat leader said: ‘Given there is concern over the timeline provided of events leading up to the crash, which appears to contradict local reports and video evidence, this incident needs to face an immediate, impartial investigation.

‘I would also like to appeal to communities across Cardiff to remain calm and to allow appropriate actors to investigate. ‘ Cars were torched and 15 officers injured – 11 of whom required hospital treatment – in horrific scenes on Monday night after claims that Kyrees and Harvey were being ‘chased’ by police. Up to 150 thugs went on the rampage after the crash in scenes branded ‘appalling and completely unacceptable’ by Downing Street. Footage live-streamed on YouTube showed how thugs turned the neighbourhood into an ‘absolute war zone’ by launching fireworks, rocks, paving slabs and even a door at the police before charging at them until 3 am. Young men were also seen ripping off their shirts and covering their faces as fires raged in the street. One person is understood to have been attacked because rioters thought they were undercover officers. South Wales Police said a number of arrests have taken place, with more expected.

Local resident statement

Local resident Ahmad Abdullah, 34, told the BBC he saw ‘hundreds of youngsters chasing police officers up the road, throwing stones’ and heard rioters saying ‘they would not stop until they killed a police officer’. The father-of-three, whose taxi was among the vehicles damaged, added: ‘The people in this community don’t feel safe now. We feel it could escalate at any time.’

Jane Palmer watched from a window as people set fire to her car, saying: ‘I’m disabled so now I’m trapped without my car. Why are they doing this? It’s just silly.’

Another resident alleged the riots were caused by ‘lots of children’ who were being ‘encouraged’ by adults. It was very scary,’ one local told The Mirror. ‘There were a lot of people. Lots of children, I was very surprised at how many children and how many adults encouraging them. They were throwing stuff at the police.’ The claim was echoed by a resident who alleged the ‘frightening’ rioters were as young as 11 years old.

Another said that in the six years she has lived in Ely ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’.

Kyrees’s mother

Amid the chaos, Kyrees’s mother, Belinda Sullivan, pleaded on Facebook with the rioters to stop because her son’s body remained at the scene of the collision. She wrote: ‘My son is still laying on the floor due to this riot I’m sitting at home heartbroken there are two families broken right now. ‘I just want to see my son and I can’t because of this riot that has happened pls I beg you all to stop and let my son be moved to the hospital so I can see him we need to see our sons.’ [sic] The level of violence towards emergency services and the damage to property and vehicles was totally unacceptable,’ he added.

Police Investigation

A clean-up operation was underway yesterday, with police on high alert over fears of more violence. Initially, Alun Michael, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales, said the ‘trigger’ was false rumours of police involvement in the double tragedy. ‘It would appear that there were rumours, and those rumours became rife, of a police chase, which wasn’t the case,’ he told Radio 4’s Today programme. ‘And I think it illustrates the speed with which rumours can run around with the activity that goes on on social media nowadays, and that events can get out of hand.’ Yesterday Heledd Fychan, Plaid Cymru Senedd member for South Wales Central, called for a full investigation to ‘ensure peace is restored and that this never happens again’.

Cardiff Council leader Huw Thomas said people were ‘deeply worried and concerned’ and appealed for ‘calm’. Kyrees and Harvey, from the suburb of Ely where the crash took place, were known for riding the e-bike around the streets despite a clampdown on illegal riding.


Tributes were paid to the two teenagers, with friends describing them as ‘motorbike heads’ who had grown up together on the tough estate in the west of Cardiff and were ‘just enjoying themselves’ when they died. Ms Bool said Harvey was ‘a typical 15-year-old’ who ‘loved motorbikes, bikes and football’ and who had eaten dinner with his mother Nadine just ten minutes before he died.

She added that he was best friends with Kyrees, who was ‘into the same things’. One teenager told MailOnline the pair had been involved in incidents with a local police officer who was picking on them.

John Silver, 19, said: ‘Kyrees and Harvey were best friends, they grew up together and always had bikes. They started with cycles but they were on electric bikes when they were killed, just enjoying themselves.

‘They are legal but the police don’t like the boys on them. One officer in particular would try to run them off the road whenever he saw them. The police say they weren’t chasing the boys but if that officer was in the area they would want to keep away from him.’ Mr Silver said the boys loved to ride off-road motorbikes on mud tracks alongside the Ely estate.

He added: ‘They were motorbike-heads but used electric bikes on the roads around their homes. They both had one. They are legal, quite safe and don’t give off emissions. I don’t know why the police think they’re a problem. Kyrees and Harvey were just young lads having some fun on their bikes. They were nice kids and not causing any harm.’

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