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Harvey Carignan Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Died of Natural Causes in a Minnesota Prison

Harvey Carignan Wiki – Bio

Serial killer Harvey Carignan, known as “the search ad killer” and “Harvey The Hammer,” died of natural causes at the age of 95 in a Minnesota prison.

Carignan used want ads to lure his victims and then raped and murdered them with a hammer. He died earlier this month. He was initially sentenced to hang in Alaska for the attempted rape and murder of a woman in 1949 when he was stationed in Anchorage with the US Army, but the conviction was overturned in 1951.

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Harvey Carignan Age

Harvey Carignan was 95 years old.

Sentenced to life in prison after killing two women

He served another nine years for assaulting another woman before being released on parole. Between 1952 and 1960, he served his sentence on the prison island of Alcatraz, outside San Francisco, according to The Times-Tribune.

In 1975, he was sentenced to life in prison after killing two women: Eileen Hunley and Katherine Schultz. He claimed at the trial that God had commanded him to “kill harlots and prostitutes.” He pleaded insane, but was found guilty.

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Skull had been crushed by several blows

Hunley disappeared in August 1974 and her remains were found five weeks later. She had been raped with a tree branch and her skull had been crushed by several blows. Carignan admitted to Schultz’s murder, having committed the murder of her after picking her up in south Minneapolis in September of that year and driving to a desolate area. She was severely beaten and her body was found in a cornfield.

Similarly to Hunley, her skull had been struck with a hammer, leading to the nickname “Harvey The Hammer”. It is alleged that he killed at least five women before spending the rest of his life behind bars. He previously spent several years in prison for robbery and probation violation.

Leslie Laura Brock was found dead in Washington on October 15, 1972 after receiving several blows to the head. At least one person said she had seen her get into Carignan’s van, according to researchers at Radford University’s Department of Psychology.

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killed Kathy Sue Miller with a hammer

15-year-old Kathy Sue Miller saw a Carignan help-seeking ad in connection with her gas station in May 1973. When she appeared, he raped her and killed her with a hammer. Her remains were found months later when two children were hiking on the Native American reservation north of Everett, Washington. Her body was covered in plastic and had hammer holes in her skull, investigators say.

The lack of evidence led to Carignan not facing charges in the deaths of Brock and Miller, despite the fact that he was the prime suspect.

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