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Hannah Emily Byrne, 22, was out on the first night of her holiday in the Greek town of Kavos when she suffered a fatal head injury after falling several meters in the early hours of Friday. The officer, who was serving with Surrey Police, decided to stay outside while her colleague returned to her hotel on Friday night. Greek authorities believe the fatal injuries she suffered outside a bar are consistent with an “accidental fall.” But island authorities are now investigating whether the victim had unintentionally drank alcohol mixed with methanol, which is much more toxic than the ethanol found in regular alcoholic beverages. Leading coroner Ioannis Aivatidis, who detected alcohol on the Briton’s breath, told The Sun: “There are doubts about what type of alcohol he consumed.”

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Hannah Emily Byrne was 22 years old.

Plied with dodgy laced booze’ before falling to her death in Corfu

Had it been illicitly manipulated? ‘Was she so intoxicated because there was [illegal] methanol in the alcoholic beverages she had consumed? The answer lies in the toxicological tests that will be carried out.’ Aivatidis said that today he would conduct further examinations of the 22-year-old’s body, including toxicology tests. According to Greek media, the British woman was allegedly left bleeding in the street, possibly for hours, before being found. Ms Byrne’s friends, who had traveled to Corfu on holiday with the victim, told Corfu police that her phone had gone missing at some point during the night on Friday, suggesting it may have been stolen. But her cell phone was found “near” her, making the accidental manner of her death “now much more possible,” Aivatidis said. But the autopsy will be final. She will rule out other possible scenarios.”

Her stepfather, who is also a police officer, is expected to arrive on the island to repatriate the policewoman’s body to the UK this week. Surrey Police said in a statement on Saturday: “Yesterday, sadly, we learned of the sudden death of a serving officer while on holiday in Corfu, Greece. ‘We are working to support both their families and colleagues here.’ during this extremely difficult time. “Greek authorities are carrying out an investigation into the circumstances of the death and we look forward to further updates from them as they carry out their investigations.” The Surrey Police Federation echoed these sentiments, saying He said the police officer’s death was “devastating”. He added: ‘The thoughts of everyone at the Surrey Police Federation are with the officer’s family, friends and close colleagues at this time. “Both the Federation and the force A Foreign Office spokesperson told MailOnline: “We are supporting the family of a British woman who died in Greece and are in contact with local authorities.”

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