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Hadir Al-Enezi, 26, formerly Hadir Al-Anizi, has been the subject of a missing person investigation since 2019 after Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were informed of her disappearance. Officers received a phone call from a refugee camp in Greece suggesting that they investigate an address in Manchester where Mrs Al-Enezi had lived with her daughter. Although the young man was tracked down in London shortly afterwards, Mrs Al-Enezi has never been found, and GMP detectives are pursuing a devastating theory that the divorced mother was murdered for engaging in a secret relationship with another man. On Saturday, the force announced it would offer a £50,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the discovery of Ms al-Enezi’s body, promising her would-be killers: “This investigation is not going away.” The Manchester Evening News reports that police are taking seriously the theory that she was murdered for dishonoring her community, despite denials from her own family.

Chief Inspector Liz Hopkinson, of the force’s major incidents team, told the newspaper: “I would say if Hadir has been killed it is by someone she knows or someone related to. “If this is murder, someone is willing to murder, without a second thought, a young woman and mother of a girl, to me it’s someone who doesn’t really care about people or life.” Mrs Al-Enezi and her daughter came to the UK in 2018 as refugees from Kuwait via Greece. Both are members of the Bidoun Arab minority, who are considered stateless and cannot access basic services in Kuwait, and are not wanted in neighboring Iraq. The hypothesis that she was killed for dishonoring her culture has been dismissed by her parents, who reportedly told police they would have known if her daughter had been in trouble. But police say other theories, including the idea that she abandoned her daughter and returned to Greece, simply don’t hold up.

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Hadir Al-Enezi is 26 years old.

Police offer £50,000 reward in a bid to find missing mum

A pushy DCI Hopkinson told MEN: “I want people to come up and tell me where the body is.” Over the course of four years, police have spoken to more than 20 members of Al-Enezi’s family in Greece and Sweden in an attempt to piece together what happened to him. It is understood that her marriage ended before she came to the UK. Detectives believe the answer lies somewhere in the local Manchester communities or her extended family. Leaflets are being written in Arabic, including regional dialects, for distribution to the local population. In a statement released by GMP on Saturday, DCI Hopkinson said the hypothesis persists that Ms. Al-Enezi was “killed in a targeted attack.” He added: “Throughout our investigation we have worked tirelessly as a team to find her, and we have not yet been able to find any evidence that Hadir is still alive, and unfortunately we are continuing this investigation on the assumption that she is not and has suffered severe damage.

We need to find answers for Hadir’s young daughter and it is vital that anyone with information on her whereabouts go to the police so that we can give her young daughter the answers she deserves from her. “We need to find Hadir’s body, and anyone with any information should share it with GMP as a matter of urgency, as she may be key in helping us find answers for her daughter.” She promised: ‘This investigation is not going away and we will not stop. Investigations like this don’t just go away and we are determined to find Hadir and fully investigate any wrongdoing. “The information that you transmit to us will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and you can also do it anonymously.” Information can be submitted to the police via the UK Police Major Incident Public Portal or by calling detectives on 0161 856 0110; Information can also be provided anonymously through the Crimestoppers charity by calling 0800 555 111.

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