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Habib Shamel, 32, was indicted in Belfast Magistrates’ Court on suspicion of fatally stabbing a woman in the Republic of Ireland.

Geila Ibram, 27, a citizen of Romania, was discovered dead on Tuesday afternoon in an apartment tower in Limerick. On Thursday, Habib Shamel was taken into custody in south Belfast’s Malone neighborhood. He was allegedly caught on camera setting up a “sexual exchange” with the victim the morning of the murder. At 13:28 local time, Mr. Shamel was then spotted traveling to the victim’s residence before departing a little over a minute later.

The court was informed that during this time, Mr. Shamel “numerous times in a frenzied attack” stabbed Ms. Ibram “in the neck, face, and abdomen.” He allegedly suffered a hand injury in the assault and went to a hospital in Limerick. The court was informed that he later left all of his documentation in Limerick and boarded a bus headed north with a friend.

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Habib Shamel is 32 years old.

Dangerous individual

Apparently an Afghan national, Mr. Shamel requested asylum in the Republic of Ireland in October 2020. A Garda Sochána, the Irish police force, had received assistance from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) with the murder investigation. Mr. Shamel was described as a “volatile and dangerous human being, with a real danger of reoffending,” by a PSNI investigator in court. The detective said, “Mr. Shamel had no regard for human life or safety.”

According to the Criminal Jurisdiction Act of 1975, which enables the PSNI to bring charges in Northern Ireland in the event that a suspect flees from another jurisdiction, Mr. Shamel was charged.

The judge determined that Mr. Shamel “was far too high a risk” and that there was a “strong prosecution case” in order to refuse bail.

On May 2, he will make another appearance in court by video link.

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