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Gulwali Stanezay, 22, of no fixed address, was detained on March 1 following the assaults on February 26 in Minet Avenue, Harlesden.

She had been walking to her house alone on a February night when she was confronted by the crazed 22-year-old, who attacked her three times. Stanekzay, an Afghan immigrant, was sentenced today to three years in prison after admitting to assaulting Miss Waris. The gruesome attack in Harlesden, north-west London, was caught on a Ring doorbell camera belonging to Richard Jarman, who had left his house after hearing screams in the street. In footage played at Harrow Crown Court this afternoon, Miss Waris is seen walking towards Mr Jarman’s front door, wailing in fear, begging Stanekzay to stop. She then yells ‘No’ as he chases her onto her property and begins a flurry of blows to her head and face, forcing her to seek refuge inside her house.Mr. Jarman can be heard yelling at the attacker, ‘you’re on camera’ before closing the door.

Stanekzay attempted to gain access to the semi-detached property by running a series of kicks towards the door before breaking the glass and doorbell camera with a bicycle lock. In her victim impact speech read in court, Ms. Waris revealed how she is now too afraid to leave her home and she fears being alone. She said: ‘This incident has caused me a lot of distress and has had an impact on my emotions and mental health. “I have also suffered physical injuries including bruising and swelling to my eyes, nose and lips. She had a lot of bruises on her head, neck, shoulder and back. I had to go to the hospital for treatment for my physical injuries. “The CT scan showed that there was no internal damage and that it was all external. This was hard for me because it made me self-conscious about how I looked and didn’t feel good about myself. I couldn’t even put on makeup because of the pain and swelling from my facial injuries.’

Ms Waris told the court that she attended counseling sessions, saying: “I feel very vulnerable right now.” I keep thinking about the incident and wondering what I could have done, or if I could have done more. I keep thinking about the future and if this could happen again. The thought of the incident replaying itself in my head kept me from sleeping. ‘I feel anxious and stressed. I recently lost my mother and this incident has added to my anxiety and sadness. I am also afraid to leave the house. I used to love going out alone, for example going for walks, and I was independent, however this attack has taken away my independence. Now I feel like I need someone with me when I go out to help me if something like this happens again. I barely leave the house after this incident and I have noticed how little I get out. I used to go out every weekend with my friends, but I don’t feel up to it anymore. I don’t feel safe outside the house. “I also don’t feel safe in my own home when my dad is at work and my family has gone to school and college. This incident has had a massive impact on my life and well-being. This has impacted my family and we no longer hang out. I would say that this incident has had a bigger impact on my relationship with my friends. I barely see them anymore because of the attack and because I’m too scared and worried to leave my house. We still use the phone to keep in touch, but it’s not the same.’ Miss Waris said that she is still too stressed to work and that she now receives sick pay due to the painful migraines that she continues to suffer from. She added: I have bills to pay and I haven’t been able to pay them this month.

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Gulwali Stanezay is 22 years old.

Woman’s fear after being attacked at random by a homeless Afghan immigrant

Miss Waris was walking to her house on Minet Avenue in Harlesden at 7:30 p.m. m. on February 26 when Stanekzay suddenly and deliberately charged her with her bicycle and began hitting her repeatedly in the head and shoulders for approximately one minute. He turned away from her and, shocked and dazed, she continued her short journey home, only seconds later to realize he was walking toward her again, menacingly. Stanekzay repeatedly hit her again, forcing Miss Waris to cover her face and run to Mr. Jarman’s house. She approached the house and begged Stanekzay to leave her alone, but he ignored her pleas and launched a third savage assault. Once inside the property, she wiped the blood from her nose and lip. Enraged, Stanekzay turned his fury on a Toyota Prius parked across the street and caused £3,445 worth of damage to the car before turning his attention to Mr Jarman’s front door. Doorbell camera footage shows him flying several kicks at the door before beginning to smash the camera and a glass panel with his bike lock causing over £4000 worth of damage. Ms Waris had been on the phone when she was initially attacked and the friend on the other end of the line managed to get through to her father, Abdullah Khan, who drove to the scene.

Khan, who was accompanied by his other daughter, confronted Stanekzay outside the house. Security footage shows the moment he too was attacked by the defendant, who hit him two or three times and dragged him down the road before fleeing. Miss Waris suffered a bruised lip, a swollen nose and red marks and bruises on her chest, shoulders and face. Her father suffered a black eye and a broken tooth. Stanekzay, who had arrived in Britain as an unaccompanied 16-year-old from Afghanistan in 2016, had been in and out of immigration centers and was homeless at the time of the attack. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault (ABH) and two counts of criminal damage at a previous hearing in May. He admitted this afternoon that he, too, violated a suspended sentence order after being convicted by ABH in December 2022 and receiving a 24-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months. Sentencing him today for the ‘totally unprovoked’ attack, Judge Maya Sikand said: ‘Watching that video is disturbing and terrifying and I’m sorry to say it paints you in a very ugly light.’ Stanekzay, who issued his “reserved apologies” to the victims through his lawyer, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the assaults and another 24 weeks for violating his suspended sentence.

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