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Guadalupe Zavala Lopez Wiki – Biography

Guadalupe Zavala Lopez has been arrested in connection with a newborn girl who was found dead inside a gas station toilet earlier this year, Lone Star state authorities announced Wednesday night. Guadalupe Zavala Lopez, 25, is currently charged with one count of felony. evidence tampering: human cadaver, according to the Houston Police Department. Additional charges may be forthcoming.The defendant was arrested Tuesday at a bus station in Brownsville, the largest city in the US portion of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, according to a news release issued by US Customs and Border Protection, whose officers made the arrest. Federal authorities described Zavala López as a Mexican citizen and “a migrant who exceeded her visitor visa and was successfully detained.”

The CBP press release goes on to describe her as “a suspected homicide attempting to flee to Mexico,” however no homicide charges have been filed in Houston as of this writing.An HPD spokesperson told Law&Crime that the agency “will likely interview her again to get more details” and emphasized that the only charge was the single evidence tampering charge noted on the Twitter account, but that the investigation is currently ongoing.“We still have to talk to her,” an HPD public information officer said. “Beyond that, she is dependent on the rest of the investigation.”What is known so far is sad and grim.On April 2, a customer went to use the bathroom at a Shell station in southwest Houston in the middle of the night. There, they found the boy inside the toilet.

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Guadalupe Zavala Lopez is 25 years old.

Woman believed to be mother of infant girl found dead inside Houston gas station

Houston Fire Department paramedics determined that the girl had been dead for over an hour at that time. she leaving in a white Cadillac.“We really don’t know what the circumstances are or who she is in relation to the baby,” a public information officer previously told Law&Crime.In the footage, which jumps out and appears edited, the woman can be seen getting out of her car, which is parked at one of the pumps, and then walking through the front door of the gas station. The camera focuses on her face as she enters the store. The footage then shows the same woman getting back in the car and driving away into the night. Finally, the video ends with three different still images of the wanted woman, taken since she entered.

During a press conference announcing efforts to enlist the public’s help in the case by releasing the video, HPD homicide detective Calab Bowling said the woman in the video was at the gas station for approximately 15 minutes. before leaving.”No one else went into that bathroom, and [the newborn] wasn’t there when she went in earlier,” Browning said, later clarifying that witness statements also supported that understanding of events. “It seems that she gave birth in the bathroom.”A determination regarding the child’s cause of death is still pending with the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.In an email, CBP said they could not comment on the case or arrest beyond what was already in the news release.”Officers are actively cooperating with other federal agencies and the Houston, Texas Police Department to have the suspect extradited to Harris County in connection with an ongoing homicide investigation,” the federal news release continues.

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