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Greta Dyrmishi, 24, was an air hostess of the airline Air Albania when she passed out and died in December. She was a person who loved fun and shared memes related to his profession and videos of his lifestyle while visiting Turkey and Italy, in recent months before his inexpensive death.

One of his Instagram publications shows an aerial view of the city’s lights at night, taken around June last year, with the legend, “that’s why I love my work.” About two months ago, he uploaded his final publication on his Instagram profile a few days before his death, a click from the plane looking at the buildings and the field below. His other videos included a trip to Istanbul with colleagues, in which the young woman was seen enjoying her time at night, taking the views, and sitting by a pool.


Greta Dyrmishi was 24 years old.

Greta Dyrmishi died at the age of 24

According to Post Mortem reports, the 24 -year -old cabin crew member died of ‘sudden syndrome of adult death’, and was treated by paramedics after the news that a woman was seriously ill. The tragic incident occurred when he was traveling from the capital of Albana, Tirana, to Stansted airport on December 21. Emergency responders could not save their lives despite providing first aid and CPR.

What is sudden adult death syndrome?

According to the British Heart Foundation, “sudden adult death syndrome, also known as the sudden syndrome of arrhythmic death (SAD) is when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly of cardiac arrest, but the cause of cardiac arrest cannot be found.” Almost 500 people are affected by the disease annually in the United Kingdom; Hereditary heart conditions can lead to SADS if they are left without being detected and not treated.

The East of East England Trust Service said that two ambulances, a Dangerous Area Response team vehicle, an official ambulance vehicle, and the Essex and Herts air ambulance responded when it became ill. The coroner of the Essex area, Michelle Brown, said that Greta’s death would be subject to a complete documentary investigation.

What did Michelle Brown say?

“This 24 -year -old was the cabin crew on a flight from Albania and was on the asphalt when she seemed to pass out and received basic first aid,” Brown said, according to Daily Mail. “Ten minutes later there was no pulse and the CPR began. The paramedics treated her and confirmed that she had died. A post-mortem found that her cause of death was a sudden adult death syndrome. ”

He added: “[At the time of the incident,] I was in front of the doors on a plane at Stansted airport. This is suitable for documentary investigation in due time.”

Air Albania also issued a statement after its tragic disappearance, “on December 21, after landing the passengers of our flight to London, one of our cabin crew, Greta Dyrmishi. She. She was taken to the hospital in London, and Procedures were followed. Air Albania contacted her family from the first moments, and we continued to be close to them in these difficult times. ”

The statement continued: “With regard to Greta and his family, we decided to mercy and give peace to the family. Air Albania will continue to be with his family. ”

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