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Grayson Boggs, 6, was being picked up from the school bus by his dad Matthew, 34, on May 15 when the strike hit them, killing Matthew instantly. Paramedics rushed Grayson to hospital and he remained in critical condition with brain damage for over a month before his death on June 16. Words can’t describe this,’ the boy’s aunt wrote on social media. ‘You fought so hard through it all, now you’ll be able to rest my handsome funny little baby nephew’. The tragic incident occurred after Matthew had picked his sons up off the school bus, and they were walking down the driveway of their family home in Valley Mills, Texas. Matthew’s mother Angela Boggs heartbreakingly revealed that the father and son expressed their love for each other just moments before the lightning strike. ‘(Matthew had just got done telling Grayson that he loved him, he said ‘I love you buddy’, that’s when the lightning came down,’ Boggs told KWTX. I always took care of him, because he is the one god gave to me,’ she added, speaking about Matthew. ‘Now my responsibility is to take care of my grandbabies.’

Grayson had been quickly placed on life support in a coma following the strike, and it was later determined he had a brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation. As his devastated family prayed for recovery, they said the little boy had shown signs of improvement in recent weeks, including breathing on his own and being taken off the donor list. But on Tuesday, almost a month after the lightning strike, doctors informed his heartbroken family that his condition would not improve, and the decision was made to take him off a ventilator. He was placed on palliative care a day later, before he passed away at around 5 am on June 16.

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Grayson Boggs was 6 years old.

Six-year-old boy dies in lightning strike weeks after theĀ father was instantaneously killed in the same blast

The day before his death, his family had posted an update on his condition to a GoFundMe set up to help pay for funeral expenses. It’s been 1 month since tragedy struck this family,’ the post said. ‘The strength that this family has shown is inspiring. Grayson is still hanging on but is on comfort care. ‘Please just pray that we keep him comfortable at this time and pray for healing for the family. We may not know what God’s plan is, but we know he has his arms wrapped around Grayson at this time.’ Grayson’s brother Elijah, who was only feet away when the lightning struck his dad and brother, recalled in harrowing detail the moments after the strike hit. ‘I was really scared. I rolled Grayson over and he was kind of smiling a little bit,’ he said. I thought they were just joking, but when I rolled my dad over the middle of his head was bleeding and his face was already purple.’ When first responders arrived on the scene, both father and son were unresponsive. Both reportedly lost their shoes due to the intensity of the strike. While Matthew was pronounced dead soon after, desperate efforts to resuscitate Grayson saw him rushed to Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center in Waco, Texas.

Doctors determined he was okay from the neck down, however, they found he had suffered neurological issues and sustained a major anoxic brain injury. Family members said tributes and well wishes poured in from around the world while the boy battled in a coma. But when doctors informed the family that Grayson’s condition wouldn’t improve, a decision was made to take him off his ventilator. He died three days later. According to the CDC, lightning strikes are more frequent and deadly in the southeastern states including Texas. From 2006 until 2021, only five states (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Washington) and the U.S. Virgin Islands have reported no lightning deaths. Texas was the second-highest number of deaths over that period, with 36 people killed, and Florida took the first spot with 79 deaths.

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