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Glennis Smith claimed he found his wife unconscious in January and is now facing murder charges after authorities allege he poisoned her food with fentanyl, according to the Elk Grove Police Department. Glennis Smith called 911 the morning of Jan. 12 and said his wife of 49 years, Jennifer Smith-Floyd, was not breathing and had lost consciousness, the police department said in a statement Thursday.“The couple had been married for five years, but had lived apart for several months prior to the incident,” the department said, adding: “Fire personnel and officers responded to his residence, but where Smith had predominantly been living and provided medical assistance; however, Smith-Floyd was pronounced dead.” As the investigation unfolded, police said that “evidence revealed the presence of fentanyl in Smith-Floyd’s system,” alleging that “Smith had intentionally put fentanyl in Smith-Floyd’s food on two occasions without the knowledge. her. .”The fatal dose occurred on January 12, police allege.

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Glennis Smith is 48 years old.

Elk Grove man accused of killing wife with fentanyl poisoning appears in court

The department added that the couple’s travel trailer, which was stored at a local self-storage facility, caught fire a few months after Smith-Floyd’s death. Police allege that Smith intentionally set the fire.Detectives obtained an arrest warrant and located Smith in Elk Grove, taking him into custody on charges of murder, arson and insurance fraud, the statement said. The 48-year-old man is being held without bail, according to the department.It was not immediately clear if Smith pleaded guilty to the charges or retained an attorney.According to CBS News, court records show Smith was in prison for spousal rape committed during a previous marriage.In a statement obtained by ABC 10, Smith-Floyd’s family said: “She did not deserve this. As a family, we are devastated by the loss of her. We miss her and our lives have been forever changed.” “Our family is grateful for the outpouring of love and support from her,” the family continued. “We also appreciate all of the kind words, messages and phone calls we have received from family, friends and community members, and we will continue to need this support as we enter this next chapter.”

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