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Glenn Tunnicliff, 57, and wife Sheena, 50, have been ordered to leave within seven weeks after they were unable to secure permanent residency due to various visa changes since arriving in Perth in 2015. They moved from East Sussex in the UK to start a new life with their two daughters Tamzin and Molly who are now 21 and 18 – as well as their jack Russell Roxy. The family settled in Warwick in the north of Perth with Mr Tunnicliff getting a job as a plasterer while his wife opened her own Helloworld travel franchise – where she now employs three people. Their girls are now starting out on their own careers with Tamzin working as a nurse while Molly is studying Auslan (Australian Sign Language). But now the family has been told to leave the country by August 4 as the age limit to gaining permanent residency (PR) – the pathway to citizenship – is 45 years.

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Glenn Tunnicliff, 57, and his wife Sheena 50 years old.

A UK couple who relocated to Australia eight years ago will be thrown out because they are ‘too old’

We don’t want to go back to the UK – we’ve made a life here, ‘ Sheena told 9News. ‘Now we are over that magic figure of 45 there is no route to PR for us. Australia classes us as too old [but] we are the ones with the experience and training.’The family is all on Mr. Tunnicliff’s work visa as his plastering skills are in high demand across the country. But the company that sponsors him is about to close down which will leave the family without a way to get a permanent visa. Mrs. Tunnicliff said it was no use to look for a new sponsor as it still wouldn’t lead to a PR because of the age limit. She added the pair have spent $80,000 (£63,200) on visas over the years while not always getting the best advice from agents.

Tamzin can stay in the country because of her career choice but Molly will have to leave as she won’t qualify for a student visa due to the course she is studying. And the family doubts their dog Roxy, who is 14, will be able to come on the flight back with them due to its age.
Immigration law specialist Joanne Kinslor said the working lives and economic contributions of older skilled migrants are likely to be a smaller priority than that of younger migrants. The principal solicitor at Kinslor Prince Lawyers added the community benefits from skilled migrants but also has to support them in providing Medicare and pensions to those who are older. The age limit in place for the vast majority of skilled migrants arises from a policy concern that the working lives and economic contributions of older skilled migrants are likely to be smaller than that of younger migrants,’ Kinslor said.

But migration agent Mateja Rautner slammed the 45-year-old age limit, calling it ‘unreasonable’ amid fierce international competition for skilled migrants. The Australian government is actively promoting Australia as the destination for skilled migrants and we are amid global competition for talent and yet we are limiting the options for skilled words over 45,’ Rautner told 9News. A Department of Home Affairs spokesman told Daily Mail Australia immigration minister Andrew Giles was not able to comment on individual cases due to privacy rules. In February, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said Australia’s migration system is ‘broken’ and in need of a fundamental overhaul and a ‘radical simplification’.

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