Who is Gilgo Beach serial killer? Suspect Rex Heuermann Arrested by Special Task Force | REPORT


Who is Gilgo Beach serial killer?


Gilgo Beach serial killer identified – Rex Heuermann, 59, was arrested by a special task force focusing on the murders, numerous sources told The Post on Friday as cops raided his Massapequa Park home. He had been on the radar of the Gilgo Beach Homicide Task Force for at least a year, and was arrested after being linked by DNA, a source said. A neighbor, Barry Auslander, 72, told The Post on Friday that Heuermann seemed like your “average guy who had a family and went to work.” “He grew up here. I never thought that he was anything other than a businessman,” he said. Heuermann is the president of his own Fifth Avenue-based firm, RH Architecture Design, which he has owned since 1994, six years before the first bodies were found in the linked Long Island murders.

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Who is Rex Heuermann? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Arrested, Suspect in Gilgo Beach serial killings identified


Rex Heuermann is 59 years old.

Rex Heuermann Arrested

“I am a problem solver born and raised on Long Island,” the portly, dark-haired architect told a French YouTuber last year of his work, primarily helping businesses deal with the New York City Department of Buildings. York. He also claimed to be an avid furniture maker inspired by his father, whom he described as a cabinetmaker and an “aerospace engineer who built satellites.” “I have a tool that is used for almost every job: a cabinet hammer,” he said of furniture making and consulting. “It’s persuasive enough when I need to persuade something, and it always delivers great results.” When asked if he meant he was “that kind of hammer for his business,” Heuermann smiled and replied: “Sometimes I have to be the heavy framing hammer. Other times I’m the light hammer just to push things.”

Heuermann stressed that he did not work directly for the city’s Department of Buildings, but rather acted as an “enabler,” especially out-of-town businesses that “are a little scared of the city,” he said, laughing during the interview. “They are overwhelmed by the city,” he said, as he mocked city workers for not being able to “understand their own codes, their own laws.” “Part of my job became educating the city. That’s something we’ve done ever since,” he said, adding that his main skill was “patience”. According to his website, Heuermann has also “provided services to other city agencies, nonprofit agencies, builders, developers, and individual building owners.” “His clients include Catholic Charities, NYC-DEP Sewerage Treatment and American Airlines and other major tenants at JFK International Airport,” the site states. RH Architecture Design did not respond to messages early Friday and removed its president’s bio shortly after The Post identified him.

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