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Gheuwan Arja, 41, a mother who has lost three children to terminal illness speaks candidly about the heartbreaking decision she made to tell her 10-year-old son he was improving when, in truth, he had gone home to die.

Gheuwan Arja of Greenacre, a Sydney suburb, watched in fear as her son Omar beamed with happiness as he rang the hospital doorbell to indicate that his cancer treatment was complete. The mother of five confessed she fabricated the ‘white lie’ to save her son the agony of learning he only had weeks to live after undergoing six months of grueling chemotherapy and 18 surgeries following his diagnosis with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The mother of five said she couldn’t bear telling her 10-year-old son that he was going to die.

Aggressive cancer affects the lymph nodes, which are part of the immune system. In a TikTok video, Ms. Arja stated that it was “one of the worst days of her life lying to him.” She captioned the video, “How do you tell your child he’s going home to spend his last days with his family?” Images of the youngster in a wheelchair ringing the hospital doorbell are heartbreaking. Off-camera, medical personnel clap as Ms. Arja stands alongside her son. As her kid smiles from his wheelchair, she wipes a tear from her eye.

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Gheuwan Arja is 41 years old.

Gheuwan Arja: Lost three children to a fatal disease | REPORT

Omar, 10, passed away in January 2022. She never told her son that he was facing cancer, or that he had previously battled a brain tumour. Instead, she informed him that he had an ear infection. After watching two of her other children struggle and die from serious illnesses, she made the difficult decision. Ms. Arja, a pious Muslim woman, reported that her first-born daughter Aisha was diagnosed with Neiman Pick Type C, a rare genetic condition.

Cholesterol and other fats accumulate in the liver, spleen, or lungs, eventually spreading to the brain. Aisha died in 2009, at the age of four. Gheuwan Arja described it as ‘one of the darkest days of her life’ when she lied to her son Omar about finishing his treatment. “It was devastating, and my whole world came crashing down,” Ms. Arja wrote in fundraising for Start Good. “But I knew Allah had a plan for me, and I had to accept it.” Then, in 2019, my third son, Mohamed, was diagnosed with an unknown brain tumor.”We took him to the hospital because he was showing signs of a stroke. However, it was too late.

Mohamed passed away after only two weeks. It was a sad experience that left me feeling as if I had lost everything.’Mohamed died almost eleven years later, on the same day as Aisha. In July 2021, their fourth son, Omar, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, dealing the family a third tragic blow. He passed away the following January. Ms. Arja and her 48-year-old spouse Fadi have two surviving children, Rabieh, 16, and Luay, 8. The mother, who has raised more than $16,000 to bring her eldest son to Makkah, wants other parents to know that “life goes on.”‘Don’t give up on life.” Life is full of ups and downs, but it is still lovely,” she told 7News. “You want your children to fight for their lives – how dare you give up on them?” Don’t do it, in my opinion. How dare I give up my life if my kid has struggled for it?”

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