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Georgia Bilham, 21, a woman accused of posing as a man to sexually assault a teenage girl was found guilty of just kissing today.

Bilham had faced 17 charges of sexually assaulting the 19-year-old during a relationship where she put on a deep Birmingham accent. But a jury took just three hours to throw out all the charges save the first one which occurred on the night they first kissed. Bilham, 21, was told by Judge Michael Leeming that she would be sentenced on July 19 but she would be placed on the Sex Offenders Register immediately. The judge also ordered a pre-sentence report before his final; sentence and warned her that prison could still be an option. The court heard how Bilham, who claimed not to have got any sexual gratification out of the relationship, deceived her victim into thinking she was a young man after they began messaging online.

They eventually met up and when their relationship became sexual the girl still believed Bilham was a boy, according to the prosecution. On two occasions when they met, the girl said, she felt some sort of ‘hard willy figure’ through George’s clothing. Bilham was only rumbled when the girl’s mother became suspicious and told her that George was a girl, causing her daughter to ‘burst into tears’. The girl – who can’t be named for legal reasons – then discovered that George was actually Bilham after investigating her identity on social media. She felt ‘sick’ on learning the truth, the court heard, after telling detectives she wasn’t gay. The prosecution said the girl couldn’t have fully consented to the sexual activity because she believed George was really male. They labeled Bilham as ‘an accomplished liar’ who had deceived her alleged victim into a sexual relationship by creating the character George Parry.

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Georgia Bilham is 21 years old.

Woman found guilty of sexual assault by kissing after posing as a man

Bilham admitted pretending to be George but said she got trapped in a ‘web of lies’. She admitted having sexual activity with the girl but claimed the teenager knew she was female. She claimed her elaborate lies during the relationship were aimed at hiding the fact that she was Georgia Bilham – not at trying to trick the girl into sex while believing she was a boy. Bilham denied having ever placed anything in her underwear to mimic a penis and claimed her alleged victim had sometimes kept her glasses on when they met. She created a fake Snapchat profile for George Parry, using the photo of a boy with spiky blond hair that she knew at school, as an ‘escape’ because she wasn’t happy with herself, the court heard. Her relationship with the girl was described as ‘love-hate’ and sometimes ‘toxic’. Bilham, who described herself as a bit of a ‘tomboy’ growing up, said she had never wanted to change her gender and become a boy and had always considered herself straight. Her barrister Martine Snowdon told the jury that the teenager knew ‘George’ was really a woman yet she continued with the relationship. There is no doubt that Georgia Bilham lied about who she was, but they both knew it was fiction,’ Ms. Snowdon said.

One night in May 2021, the jury heard, Bilham was driving around in her mother’s Ford Focus with the girl when it crashed into a hedge. When the police arrived, the girl heard ‘George’ giving officers her real name and Bilham said she believed the girl knew she was actually female from that point onwards. The jury heard how the girl confronted her after learning who ‘he’ really was. In a message, she wrote: ‘Just admit you’ve been caught out, I know more than enough now.’ Bilham replied: ‘I don’t even dress like a lad, it just took over my life’. Judge Michael Leeming bailed Bilham ahead of sentencing on July 19 but warned her that it was ‘no indication’ a custodial sentence wouldn’t be imposed.

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