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Wicked mother Gemma Barton met her boyfriend on dating site Plenty of Fish while she was four months pregnant before the couple embarked on a horrifying campaign of baby abuse that ended with the gruesome death of the 10-month-old boy.

In an interview with police, Barton said she agreed with her partner Craig Crouch’s son Jacob’s parenting style because she was “Craig way or not.”She said that she was “appalled” that he had not intervened, but she feared that he would leave her after stepfather Crouch said that she “would have nothing to do with Jacob” if she ended the relationship. Explaining why Barton might have pursued the abuse, Birmingham City University Criminology Professor David Wilson told MailOnline that Barton and Crouch’s relationship was an example of Folie à deux, a French term that describes “a madness shared by two”.’This means that there is usually a dominant and a subservient: usually it is the woman who is subservient, and by being subservient, she accepts the world view of the dominant person.

“So if he believes the baby shouldn’t dominate her life or is seen to be in the way, she no longer thinks of the child as a biological incentive for her to raise. She accepts his view of his world. ‘The court heard that in June 2020, Crouch, who was listed on Jacob’s birth certificate as his father, told Barton that she needed to be “tougher” on the youngster to “not let this get the better of us.” .Crouch, 39, was convicted of the murder of defenseless Jacob in his Derbyshire home, as well as three counts of child cruelty after a seven-week trial at Derby Crown Court.Barton, 33, was acquitted of murder, an alternate count of manslaughter and two counts of child cruelty, but was found guilty of causing or permitting the death of a child and a third count of child cruelty.Jacob was found dead in his cot on the morning of December 30, 2020, during the Covid pandemic, and it was later discovered that he had 39 rib fractures, 19 visible bruises, and various internal injuries.

Much of the abuse would have occurred during lockdown, which Professor Wilson said gave more opportunity for it to occur without outside influence. The Covid-19 lockdown has produced a heartbreaking list of children who became victims of tragic deaths at the hands of those who are called upon to care for them.”If people are locked up with an abuser, then the abuser has more opportunities to abuse,” Professor Wilson said.“Lockdown changed social behavior because we were no longer inter-engaging with other people, so the kinds of social cues, the ways that we seek comfort, were no longer available.“The normal social world before lockdown is absent for her (Barton).’Usually there are moments of clarity.’If you also depend on that man for survival, those moments of clarity are few and far between because he is so dominant in the space you are existing in.”She (Barton) didn’t have that sense of reality because the whole world of hers was inside that despicable house.”Barton told Derby Crown Court that she did not inflict the wounds that killed her son, nor did she see anyone else inflict them.She denied hurting her son, and when asked who might have inflicted the injuries, she said: “It wasn’t me, so that leaves Craig.”

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Gemma Barton is 33 years old.

Mum and step-dad were arrested on suspicion of killing baby Jacob Crouch

She claimed that her child was her ‘bundle of joy’ of hers and said she felt like ‘the whole world just ended’ when Crouch woke her up screaming that Jacob was dead.When she gave her testimony, she said: ‘I was surprised. I couldn’t believe my little boy was gone. He was my bundle of joy.I used to call him my little shadow. Wherever I was, there was Jacob.’But text messages between Barton and Crouch showed that at one point they referred to Jacob as the ‘devil’, fed him his own vomit, talked about bathing him in bleach and sending him to bed or beating him for ‘crying for no reason’. ‘.The couple met in September 2019 and Crouch admitted that he thought she was “out of her league” at the time they started talking.When she was asked how she made her feel that Barton was pregnant with someone else’s child, Crouch previously replied that she had no problem with this and said that “kids are not an obstacle.”The court previously heard how Crouch was “honoured” to be named on the baby’s birth certificate and claimed it was Barton’s idea.Her defense lawyer, Balraj Bhatia KC, previously asked her: “Although you were not the biological father, from the moment he (Jacob) was born, how did you feel about him?””He was mine,” Crouch replied.

He said that he loved children and had always been close to them.Crouch also said it was Barton’s idea to name him on the birth certificate.Asked how it made him feel, Crouch said: ‘He blew my mind to begin with. I was very, very surprised. I was honored. I was so excited at the time, I asked Gemma, “Are you sure?” But Gemma said she couldn’t have asked for better, so I agreed. “Professor Wilson said what followed could have been a tragic example of a man trying to take down his ‘rival’.”Often when we see children, infants or infants being murdered, it’s as a consequence of a stepparent rather than a biological parent,” he said.’That has several roots, the first is that man kills off a competitor or a rival, killing another man’s biological product; Unfortunately, that trend is well known.’Often the woman has a number of reasons why she wants to go along with it. She is no longer in a relationship with the biological father, she is in a relationship with the stepfather, therefore there is a power imbalance with the maternal instinct to protect the offspring.’Jacob was born healthy on February 17, 2020. After Jacob’s birth, Barton told a health visitor that Crouch had moved in with her.During a visit to his home on September 8, 2020, when Jacob was seven months old, Barton pointed to a bruise on his cheek, stating that he had gotten it “playing with a toy.”She also informed the health worker that the seven-month-old was ‘getting too clingy’

.Prosecutor Mary Prior KC, opening the gruesome case in June, said: “Neither of us sought medical help for Jacob at any time for the pain and suffering caused when his bones broke or in the few days that followed. “.She added: ‘None took Jacob out of what must have been a life with bouts of significant pain and suffering. Jacob did not receive the care that when he was a baby he needed and deserved.’Ms Prior said Jacob died at her home in Foxley Chase, Linton, near Swadlincote, after a “fierce assault” that was the culmination of regular abuse within a “culture of cruelty”.Dr. Sarah Dixon, a consultant pediatrician, told the court that Jacob suffered “repeated physical abuse” in the weeks, days and hours before his death and that it was “not remotely” possible that the injuries could have been self-inflicted. a traumatic perforation of the intestine leading to a fatal infection, which forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Biggs says could only have been sustained through blunt force trauma, such as a punch, kick or stomp.He also said that he would expect to see these types of injuries in car accident victims or those who have fallen from multiple stories.

Pediatrician Dr Sarah Dixon said in the essay that she also believed that any capable parent would be concerned about the number of bruises on Jacob’s body, adding: “I would expect to see babies bruising much less frequently which would raise concern in a parent about why what’s going on and [hope they] seek the advice of a health professional.Barton wept when the evidence was presented, as did members of the public gallery when Dr. Dixon summarized her findings. Crouch remained silent the entire time.The couple ‘cheered and applauded each other’ as they assaulted Jacob ‘regularly’, eventually leading to his death in his cot at his home in Foxley Chase, Linton, near Swadlincote.In video footage showing the moment the couple were arrested in the baby’s death, a hysterical Barton is seen insisting: “I haven’t done anything” as police handcuff her.After the couple was arrested on January 5, 2021, they resumed their relationship despite the fact that their bail conditions said they were not to contact each other.This, Ms Prior said, was evidence that “it was their affair and their love story that mattered to them.”Barton, from Heanor, Derbyshire, and Crouch, from Moira, Swadlincote, will be sentenced on Friday.

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