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Gary Rasor died from injuries sustained in the confrontation at a Home Depot on October 18. His Biography, Shoplifting incident, stealing, and read more details.

A Home Depot employee died six weeks after being injured during a shoplifting incident. A suspected serial thief dumped it on the concrete floor as the clerk tried to stop him from stealing. The thief stole three pressure washers valued at $800. On December 1, Gary Rasor died from injuries sustained in the confrontation at a Home Depot on October 18. While trying to stop the thief from taking the cart of pressure washers, Rasor reached out and the thief knocked him to the ground.

Gary Rasor was a yard worker at the Hillsborough Home Depot in North Carolina. He worked at the store for nine years. The 83-year-old man was sidetracked while trying to stop thieves from stealing the cart full of pressure washers. He previously reported on the shocking incident of the robber pushing Rasor to the ground, who was later an unidentified victim who sustained injuries. The horrific incident was caught on surveillance footage of the store. Rasor noticed the robber who was wearing a dark Calvin Klein hoodie and a face mask sped off three pressure washers. He immediately tried to stop the thief from leaving the store by reaching out with his arm but the thief pushed the old man and he fell to the ground hitting his head on a flower pot. According to reports, he suffered a mild heart attack. Sharing the surveillance footage and writing “Suspect fled the scene in a white 4-door Hyundai Sonata with a temporary North Carolina tag concealed from witnesses,” the Hillsborough Police Department wrote of the incident in its Twitter post.

Rasor, who had trouble standing up and was injured with multiple fractures, was admitted to the hospital. In the weeks before his death, he was in and out of the hospital for treatment where he celebrated his 83rd birthday. Rasor’s wife, Yovone, said that before his death, the couple planned to retire and travel to meet their new grandson for the first time, whom they had not yet met, Daily Mail reports. In the hope that he would recover, they even bought plane tickets for vacations to visit his family.


Gary Rasor was 83 years old.

Gary Rasor’s Stepdaughter requested to Police

His stepdaughter, Leigh Bucholtz, requests to contact the police if anyone has any information on the suspect before he hurts or kills another person. What I want is for the attacker to be stopped immediately. I want his face on every television, in every newspaper, on billboards, and on social media until there is no place for him to hide.” Bucholtz told the Daily Mail. “My first priority was Gary and caring for him, but now that it’s over, my next priority and the best way to honor Gary is to catch his attacker,” she added.

According to the Daily Mail, the Hillsborough Police Department confirms that Rasor’s death is related to his injuries from the incident and the coroner has confirmed it as a homicide case. Rasor’s son, Jeff, said “it’s beyond our comprehension that someone would do this for a couple of pressure washers… that’s mind-blowing. Speaking to CBS 17, Yovone said that “it’s hard, and I know it sounds silly, but I’m still waiting for him to come home.” She said Rasor recognized the thief and when he “first saw the video at the hospital, he was very excited and he wasn’t worried about anything until he saw that video. He lost it… he just lost it. He knows that the guy is a thief. He’s been there, he’s seen it in the store before. And what he told me was that sometimes the guy buys one or two items so he has a receipt, and then he adds more things to his cart and shows the receipt,” she added.

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Rasor was rushed to ICU the day before Thanksgiving and a week later he died. Remembering Rasor, the Daily Mail reports that a Home Depot spokesperson said: “We are heartbroken by the loss of our associate Gary. He was part of our team for over nine years. He was an amazing friend, husband, father and grandfather, always. willing to help anyone.” and he ended by saying: “Right now, our main concern is to support his family and our associates during this difficult time. Calling the suspect a “threat to society”, Hillsborough police urge anyone with information on the thief to contact authorities on 919 296 9562.

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