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Gary Dion Davis is accused of killing 26-year-old Christina King in 1998, who was found beaten to death behind an abandoned building on Christmas Day. He is also accused of fatally stabbing Pearl Barnes, whose body was found in an empty house in November 1996. Barnes was also named Sameemah Mussawir after converting to Islam in 1974. She was survived by two children. The circumstances behind the deaths are still being investigated, but police said they do not believe Davis knew any of the women. Detectives are trying to determine if Davis could be responsible for other murders. Investigators are looking into the possibility that Davis may have killed other people in different parts of the country thanks to his work as a long-haul truck driver. In 2021, King’s daughter, April Parks, told Fox Kansas City that she was outraged by the lack of progress in her mother’s case. ‘Who did it? Because? How could they do that to such a young person? She was only 26 years old.

And in her autopsy there were so many wounds, so many abrasions and bruises. “She just doesn’t understand what she could have done so wrong to deserve that,” Parks said. After Davis’ arrest, Barnes’ niece said she still couldn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt her aunt. ‘I don’t even know why she crossed her path. “My aunt sewed, she had a transportation business that took people to Chillicothe Correctional Facility, she worked as an SRS driver, she had a daycare, she sold dinners, she sold bean pies, she was involved in her family life, she did it all,” he told her. the niece to KSHB. Chief Oakman said during Wednesday’s press conference that the suspect was living “his normal life as if nothing had happened.” In the initial investigation into Barnes’ murder, detectives linked her death to three other homicides, the July 1996 slaying of Rose Calvin, 39, and the November slayings of Norma Gray, 36, and Jeanette Holiday. Detective Rick Pilgrim told media at the time that the suspect police were looking for was likely a black man who was a casual acquaintance of the victims.

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Gary Dion Davis is 52 years old.

Charged in 2 cold case murders after DNA links him to crime scenes

The four aforementioned victims were all black. Christina King was white. The four were referred to as “street people” who suffered from drug problems, Pilgrim said. They believed the suspect had served time in prison, possibly for sexual crimes. Pilgrim said at the time that the FBI was involved in the hunt. They added that he probably lived on the north side of the city, the neighborhood where the victims were found. Records show Davis lived on Kansas City’s north side for more than 40 years between 1970 and 2022. A woman, who police believed she had been attacked by the same man, survived after being stabbed by him. A report at the time noted: “History shows that it is rare for a black man to be a serial killer.” “Most serial killers are white men, but it’s not unusual for one to be black,” Detective Phil Miller told the Associated Press in 1996. Davis is jailed on $500,000 bail on two counts of second-degree murder. Davis does not yet have an attorney listed. The Kansas City Kansas Police Department’s cold case unit began operations in January 2022 and is staffed by three full-time detectives.

Oakman said the department has “a lot of unsolved cases” and had already identified suspects in 11 homicide cases. ‘So, it may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. In fact, it may not be this year. But there will be a time,” Oakman said. ‘You might be in a self-checkout line. You might be at the grocery store. We’ll catch you eventually.’ Authorities also announced that two other unrelated cases were recently resolved. A 66-year-old inmate was charged in May after confessing to killing 16-year-old Dion Estell, who was found shot to death in a creek bed in July 1997. The inmate, who was found guilty of a murder committed in 1998 and is now in hospice care, confessed to cold case detectives because he wanted closure for Estell’s family. The oldest solved case involved the death of an hours-old girl found in a dumpster behind an apartment complex in November 1976. DNA evidence led detectives to the girl’s mother in 2022. The woman accused her grandmother of taking the baby from her shortly after giving birth. The grandmother, who has since died, was identified as the main suspect.

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