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Gabrielle Breaux, A pregnant Louisiana woman was killed and her family injured after the pickup truck she was driving collided with a 12-foot alligator and flipped multiple times in rural Texas.

Gabrielle Breaux, 33, was returning from Texas to her home in New Iberia, Louisiana, 20 miles south of Lafayette, when the accident occurred early Sunday morning. The car wash attendant was seven months pregnant and she was accompanied by her father Gregory Gerard, 58, and her three children, ages 13, 11 and six. Breaux was driving a Chevy Silverado pickup shortly before 4 a.m. small town of Tivoli, when her truck hit the alligator on the road. She and her unborn child died as a result of the accident. Sgt. Rob Mallory of the Texas Department of Public Safety said the frail “struck an alligator that was crossing the road.” The animal died and the truck skidded off the road, overturned and came to a stop upside down. The five people inside the van were taken to the hospital. Breaux was taken to DeTar Hospital in Victoria, 40 miles from the scene of the accident, where she succumbed to her injuries and died.

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Gabrielle Breaux was 33 years old.

Pregnant woman, unborn baby killed in crash after truck collides with alligator

The hospital staff tried to save her unborn baby but couldn’t. Rena Hebert, Breaux’s mother, confirmed the sad news and promised to take care of the three children. “My daughter Gabrielle Breaux was returning from Texas with her father and her 3 children and she hit a huge alligator on the highway causing the truck to roll over multiple times,” she wrote on Facebook. ‘My beautiful Gabbi and her baby did not make it. “Her other children from her sustained injuries that are not life-threatening, but have severe cuts, stitches and swelling.” She added: ‘R I P my beautiful Gabbi. ‘Mom loves you and I will take good care of your babies and my grandchildren.’ Jared Lewis, a park ranger in Victoria County, told the Victoria Advocate that roadside alligator sightings can occur because the animal is looking for a body of water. Lewis, who has experience capturing and relocating alligators found on the roads, said the county ranger or sheriff’s office should be contacted when an alligator is found.

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