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The person thought to be Stakeknife, the Army’s top IRA agent, Freddie Scappaticci, has passed away at age 77.

In his 70s, Mr. Scappaticci consistently denied being Stakeknife. After media outlets claimed he had been working for the Army while leading the IRA’s internal security unit, he departed Northern Ireland in 2003. According to Jon Boutcher, who is in charge of the inquiry into Stakeknife’s operations, Mr. Scappaticci passed away last week.

The internal security unit, often known as “the nutting squad,” tracked for potential informers; many of them were later killed by the IRA after being abducted and tortured. The grandson of an Italian immigrant who moved to Northern Ireland in search of work, Mr. Scappaticci originally resided in west Belfast. A probe of Stakeknife’s operations was ordered by the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2016 and was carried out by Mr. Boutcher, the former chief of Bedfordshire police.

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Freddie Scappaticci was 77 years old.

IRA alleged Army agent passes away at 77

A report on his inquiry, Operation Kenova, was written by Mr. Boutcher. The Operation Kenova team has looked into previous atrocities, including torture and murder, as well as the state’s involvement, including MI5. In collaboration with all parties, including the victims and grieving families, Mr. Boutcher stated that his team was “working through the implications” of Mr. Scappaticci’s passing. ‘Old age may influence people affected, whether they were the culprits, witnesses, victims, family members, or simply those who lived through those periods, before cases are finished because of the very nature of historical inquiries, according to Mr. Boucher.

He continued by saying that his group was still dedicated to “giving families the truth of what happened to their loved ones” and to pressing charges against a number of people. The Operation Kenova report’s release has been postponed since earlier this year. Mr. Boutcher stated last week that a crucial report step had “taken longer than I had hoped.” In the Stakeknife probe, the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) had roughly 30 files for resolution. Mr. Boutcher expressed the wish that more people might feel at ease approaching his detectives after Mr. Scappaticci’s passing.

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