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Freddie Christian Trenchard, a transgender rapist who sexually assaulted a woman before identifying as a woman is facing jail time.

Freddie Christian Trenchard, now known as Alyssa Christine, carried out the sexual assault in her bedroom after inviting the victim to her Guernsey home. She was found guilty after a three-day trial in the Channel Islands that women’s rights activists have described as “bizarre”. Activists attacked after Trenchard was released on bail following conviction and over claims that Judge Christine Fooks apologized to Trenchard for referring to her as a man during the trial at the Royal Court of Guernsey.Trenchard, 19, was charged with committing the offense in 2021 before she transitioned to identifying as a woman. Prosecutor Phoebe Cobb told the court that the defendant was “biologically male” when the crime was committed. The court heard how Trenchard invited the victim to her house during the summer of that year.The victim said that she was crying during the rape and said ‘no’ on more than one occasion. She didn’t report it to the police until February of last year.Lawyer Oliver Fattorini argued that there was no sexual intercourse and suggested that the accusations had been made because the victim was transphobic.

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Freddie Christian Trenchard is 19 years old.

Trans woman unanimously found guilty of raping woman in Guernsey

The complaint was flatly denied by the victim.The court heard that Trenchard gave “no comment” answers to questions when he was voluntarily interviewed under precaution in May last year.Trenchard collapsed after the guilty verdict was delivered. She is not expected to be sentenced until later this year. After the hearing, Jane Roper of the Guernsey Women’s Rights Network (WRN) said the presiding judge initially described Trenchard as a “transgender man” but later apologized to the rapist for doing so. Ms Roper, who attended the proceedings, said: “The judge was sent a message asking the defendant how he would like to be described, and later apologized to him and told the court that Trenchard would like to be described as.” a transgender.”female.”“It was a really strange experience to witness the court jumping through hoops for this man.”As a woman, that felt really shocking, especially since we had all sat through the harrowing oral evidence from the complainant detailing the rape.

“She said it was “strange” to hear statements such as: “Miss Trenchard then penetrated [the complainant] with her penis” and “Miss Trenchard then ejaculated on [the complainant’s] back.”Trenchard hasn’t even legally changed his name, let alone had surgery.On Facebook, Trenchard describes herself as “female” and “single.”In 2018 she wrote how she was ‘in a relationship’ with a woman.Guernsey has only one prison that houses both male and female offenders.Earlier this year, the prison’s governor, John De Carteret, confirmed that transgender prisoners will serve sentences according to their sex assigned at birth.In February, the jail had 80 inmates, 75 men and five women.The prison is co-ed during the working day, but the genders are accommodated separately for living and sleeping.After the verdict, Guernsey Police said: “While crimes are often difficult to investigate, our officers always take reports of any sexual offence, particularly rape, incredibly seriously, and will ensure that it is brought to justice.” conduct a robust and thorough investigation to gather the best evidence and support the victims of these.” crimes.’

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