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Frank DeLeon Jr., 19, attended the second day of his murder trial, where he is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend, Diamond Alvarez, 16, 22 times in January 2022, when chaos erupted. Alvarez’s mother, Anna Machado, had just finished giving victim impact testimony at the trial when she left the stand and walked directly toward DeLeon before being detained by a sheriff’s deputy. While Machado was being held, Alvarez’s uncle lunged at DeLeon and punched the alleged killer several times. Court employees tackled the man to the ground as DeLeon was led to a corner, video captured by KHOU from outside the courtroom shows. Machado attempted to run to her relative’s defense, but was blocked by DeLeon’s own mother, who began pushing her counterpart. Once the families were separated, Judge Hazel B. Jones ordered the courtroom closed. Machado was one of the relatives who heard the gunshots on January 11 and ran into a field to find her daughter lying on the ground. He had performed CPR on Alvarez but it was unsuccessful. DeLeon, who was 17 at the time, was arrested shortly after.

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Frank DeLeon Jr. is 19 years old.

Investigation Report

After the fight, Machado expressed her regret over the outburst in the courtroom. “That was wrong on my part, that was wrong on our part, because we are not monsters,” Machado said outside the courtroom after the fight. “But it’s a lot of hate, because I want my daughter back, and what he did is horrible, seeing my daughter there and looking at him, knowing that he did that and him laughing in my face, it was very wrong and I’m sorry for that.” Machado criticized DeLeon for his appearance during the trial and said he was smiling during his testimony. “He is a monster in my eyes. That would never change. Did he seem sorry at all? No. He was laughing at my face,” Machado added. “(Like) it’s a joke. A life is no joke. “My daughter is no joke.” Álvarez’s uncle was arrested and taken away in handcuffs. It is not known if he was charged for the incident. The couple’s relationship ended after Alvarez discovered that DeLeon was seeing another girl while the two were still dating. DeLeon had asked Alvarez to meet in a park the night of the shooting. DeLeon made his first court appearance Tuesday after missing the first day of his trial Monday because he was involved in an all-terrain vehicle accident with his uncle on their property and had to be taken to a hospital to be evaluated for a head injury, according to Khou. DeLeon accepted a plea deal and faced 45 years in prison, and will be eligible for parole halfway through his sentence.

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