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A young family was shocked when their doorbell caught Firas El Hejjaji, 29, carrying a three-foot sword and attempting to battle his way home.

In terrifying footage obtained by MailOnline, 29-year-old Firas El Hejjaji can be seen attacking his home with the metal blade. But, unbelievably, despite being arrested on the spot, El Hejjaji returned to live next door to them just 24 hours after being simply fined criminal damages. The man who lives in the house, whom we do not name by agreement, said: ‘he broke down our door and if he could have gotten to me I think he would have smashed me down too. I can’t believe we’re expected to live next door to this man after he threatened us like that. He could seriously hurt my wife or my little son next time. My wife is pregnant and we have a small child, so I feel particularly vulnerable right now. She’s crazy.’

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Firas El Hejjaji is 29 years old.

Investigation Report

The incident, which occurred in a quiet residential area of Braintree, Essex, on Tuesday, was the culmination of months of ill-feeling and anti-social behaviour, the victim said. He is a volatile man who has developed a grudge against us for no reason. He seems to think we’ve done something against him that’s just not true. “His behavior has been impossible to live with: he will play profanity-filled rap music at deafening volume in his backyard when our toddler is just feet away trying to play in his wading pool. “He has made living here extremely stressful and unpleasant for months. Then this week he went completely crazy and he started attacking our house with a sword. Thank God we weren’t there at the time, but the neighbors who saw it were terrified for our safety and theirs too. His partner had to intervene to try to calm him down.

“They called the police right away and we told them all about the background and they saw the footage of what he had done, so when he was arrested and taken away, we hoped and hoped we would never see him again. “Instead, it was barely 24 hours before we were told that he had returned here. He had just been fined. How could this not have been a more serious crime, perhaps a brawl, which could have attracted a longer sentence? “He was waving a dangerous weapon with a real threat, how much more threatening could this be.” Since sharing the footage of the incident, the couple have received an outpouring of support and have also been in dialogue with their local MP, James Cleverly, to try to get their concerns about his safety taken more seriously. An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We were called to report damage to property in Braintree at around 4:15pm on July 18.” Firas Hejjaji, 29, of Braintree, was arrested and later charged with criminal mischief. “He Appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on July 19 and pleaded guilty to the charge. He was ordered to pay compensation of £1,500. Mr Cleverly has been contacted for comment.

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