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Evan Lambert is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning journalist. The DC-based correspondent of the Nexstar Media Group-owned cable channel was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. It is reported that Lambert was giving a live report in the middle of the Governor’s report when he was warned to be quiet. It appears the journalist continued to report, disrupting DeWine’s announcement. He was later arrested and taken to a Columbiana County Jail.

Evan Lambert Age

Evan Lambert is 34 years old.

Arrested for Allegedly Disrupting the Conference

A NewsNation journalist covering Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s news conference was arrested for allegedly disrupting the conference. DeWine was announcing that an evacuation order over a deadly train derailment in East Palestine had been lifted when the police first warned Lambert for interrupting him.

A 50-car train carrying hazardous materials got derailed in a fiery accident near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border on Friday, February 3. Residents nearby were ordered to evacuate immediately, following exposure to the dangerous chemical, vinyl chloride. DeWine called a press conference on Wednesday to announce that the situation was under control and that the evacuation had been lifted. However, when the conference ended, Lambert was seen being taken down and handcuffed before being taken to jail by the Ohio police.

Following the incident, NewsNation Bureau Chief Mike Viqueira released an official statement on Lambert’s arrest. “I just spoke with Evan, who called from the Columbiana County Jail, where he is currently detained,” he said, per TMZ, adding, “First, Evan is safe and calm, and continues to act with professionalism and integrity that he brings to his work each day. As you see from the videos, he was doing his job — what hundreds of journalists do without incident — reporting to the public on a matter of urgent, critical interest to our audience.”

The controversial arrest even grabbed the attention of DeWine, who reportedly claimed he was unaware of what had transpired or Lambert’s arrest. He added that he was trying to get Lambert released as soon as possible. DeWine said, “Local law enforcement has told [Evan] that the soonest he can be released is 8:30 ET tomorrow. Every effort is being made to assist Evan and secure his release as soon as possible.”

Moreover, DeWine stated the reporters had the right to cover and “if they were in any way hampered from reporting that certainly is wrong and it’s not anything that I approve — in fact, I vehemently disapprove of it.” The Governor added he did not see the incident but emphasized that he “did not request that the reporter stop his live broadcast, nor did he know that the request was being made.” Lambert was released from Columbiana County jail early on Thursday, February 9.

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