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Ethan Herndon and Riley Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Death in Mississippi Tornadoes

Ethan Herndon and Riley wiki – Ethan Herndon and Riley Biography

Ethan Herndon and Riley have reportedly the two victims killed by the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Mississippi, claiming the lives of 26. Ethan Herndon, 33, and Riley were killed on Friday. on March 24, after a tornado struck his Wren home overnight, according to friends and family.

Due to bad weather, Herndon’s wife, Elizabeth, and her two other children, seven-year-old Brantley and four-year-old Aubrey, were seriously injured. A GoFundMe page has been created for the Herndon family. He claimed they were “physically and emotionally torn apart” by the storms and the deaths. “They have suffered the most painful and terrifying loss any of us can imagine, and their needs are obvious and great,” the fundraiser read.


Ethan Herndon, 33, and Riley, 1, years old.

More than 30 million people are still under a tornado

The fundraising campaign said Elizabeth suffered various injuries, including a broken arm and leg, as well as a dislocated hip when the tornado struck her Mississippi home. Her eldest son, Brantley, who had to be airlifted to Lebonhuer Hospital, is currently in critical condition with multiple broken bones, a lacerated liver and a punctured lung. Aubrey was also rushed to Lebonheur hospital with horrific injuries, including a fractured elbow and a possible broken foot. The fundraiser was organized on Saturday morning March 25 and had already exceeded its goal of $30,000, reaching $80,000.

The death of Herndon and Riley comes after Wren was devastated by a series of 24 tornadoes, which also left 26 dead and many others injured, according to the Daily Mail. Following the calamity, President Joe Biden extended the total attendance of the government to cities damaged by storms that wreaked destruction in Mississippi and Alabama early Saturday morning. More than 30 million people are still under a tornado watch and warned to prepare for deadly storms.

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Storms were so intense

A man in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, a city of fewer than 2,000 people, reportedly testified that his sister was killed in the tornado because she didn’t even get a chance to get out of bed. “Now, I didn’t even go down there when they told me she was killed,” the unidentified man told FOX Weather, adding: “I didn’t even want to go. She stayed in a mobile home right on the other side.” side of that park right there. I didn’t even go. I didn’t want to see it. She never, she never got out of bed.”

He said the storms were so intense that just minutes after running inside for cover after hearing the storm approaching, he heard the roof break. Starting at 8:50 a.m. m. Eastern time, more than 83,000 homes and businesses in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama were without power due to the storms, with more than 47,000 of those outages occurring in Tennessee alone.

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