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Esdra Burges-Cruz, an enraged Florida father, was arrested after allegedly assaulting a school employee after learning that his son had been banned from riding the school bus. According to an arrest complaint acquired by Fox 35 from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Esdra Burges-Cruz, 50, is accused of storming onto a school bus halted in Ocala on May 2 and punching the employee in the chest.

The bus was full of students at the time, and the incident created a delay, according to authorities. Burges-Cruz is said to have approached the bus and asked the driver if he could board. When the driver refused, Burges-Cruz instructed him to “shut the f—k up” and boarded anyhow.

Once on the bus, he began ranting at the bus attendant, according to a video released by the sheriff’s office on Friday. According to the video, Burges-Cruz then slaps the man across the chest with what looks to be an open palm.

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Esdra Burges-Cruz Age

Esdra Burges-Cruz is 50 years old.

Florida dad attacks school worker after son banned from riding from bus

After he strikes the assistant, students can be heard screaming. “If I hear anything else about my son, you’ll see what happens,” Burges-Cruz threatens the bus aide, brandishing a piece of paper at him before exiting the vehicle. Burges-Cruz’s residence was raided by police, who questioned him about the incident.

According to Fox 35, he told authorities that he boarded the bus with permission and denied ever assaulting anyone. On May 3, a student approached a Lake Weir Middle School school resource officer and stated that they witnessed Burges-Cruz punching the bus aide. Police detained Burges-Cruz for assault after analyzing the video.

“We believe the arrest speaks loudly and will help the community better understand that we expect adults to behave appropriately in the same way that we expect our students to behave appropriately,” Marion County School District said in a statement to the outlet. Burges-Cruz, who has no past convictions, was charged with violence on a public or private education official, burglary, and disturbing the peace during a school function, all of which are felonies. He was removed without incident to the Marion County Jail, where his bond was set at $17,500.

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