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Eoin Coss, a young football player for Mountmellick Utd FC, died at 14. His Biography, and what is the cause of death read more details.

Eoin was a 14-year-old Mountmellick teenager who was a talented GAA and soccer player who represents his community in both sports. He plays football and soccer for Mountmellick. Coss was recently diagnosed with cancer and the community reached out to support him during his battle with cancer. He launched a fundraiser for a 13-year-old schoolboy following a shock cancer diagnosis in February. The Gofundme page was also set up to raise money to support the young player, and as a result, support reached beyond the community. In addition, Warren Evans from Tullamore and Tracy Duncan and AnnMarie Flanagan from Portlaoise staged a parachute jump to raise funds for Eoin Coss.


Eoin Coss was 14 years old.

Eoin Coss Cause of Death

Eoin Coss’s cause of death was cancer. Young football player Eoin Coss from Mountmellick was diagnosed with rare cancer a year ago. He underwent intensive care at Crumlin Children’s Hospital. Eoin is such a wonderful and optimistic young man with a strong attitude. He fought his battle against cancer with strength, courage, bravery, and the love of his family. Sadly, Eoin passed away on November 10, 2022.

The death statement shared by Mountmellick Utd FC describes Eoin as

It sounds like a cliché, but everyone associated with Eoin knew that he was a boy destined for great things. He began his soccer journey with us at our academy when he was 7 years old and instantly showed what would make him stand out for the rest of his life. Considerably stronger than players his age, Eoin seemed out of place among the others in the academy setup, but that was just a sign of things to come because, for the rest of his tragically short sporting career, he was always the that stood out. . He dominated the matches, taking them by the neck and encouraging his teammates to do the same.

Nothing but his best was good enough, and it was that attitude and desire that made Eoin captain every team he played on through the age groups and led to him being selected on every panel. representative of region and league in progress. As good as he was with his feet and his head, he was just as good with his heart. He was a humble winner and displayed sportsmanship and a sense of fair play that even the game’s most lauded global stars could learn a thing or two from. His father, Kevin, was by his side at every step of the sporting journey, coaching teams that relied heavily on the input of his star, his son Eoin.

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An avid football fan, Eoin’s two main loves in the game are Liverpool and Shamrock Rovers. Any of Eoin’s coaches and teammates will testify that Eoin had all the makings of a player who might have gone on to don Rovers’ famous green and white hoops or even Liverpool FC’s red kit. We all know how good Eoin was and how great he would have been, but fate intervened, and unfortunately for us here at the club, for the sporting world in general, but most of all for his loving family, we will never see this young superstar. become the excellent sportsman and even the best man that he undoubtedly would have been.

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