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Emma Wade, the mother of Krissy Devito, died at the scene of the accident. The vehicle that collided with her vehicle was driven by a man who was also seriously injured. A woman named Krissy Devito, owner of DeVito Darlings, an online clothing and clothing store, was involved in a head-on automobile collision on Thursday, March 30, 2023. She was traveling with her mother, Emma Wade, and four children.

Her vehicle was being driven by Emma Wade, 63, a Lexington resident. The five children on board are named Juliana, Baylor, Greyson, and Alexander Devito. All the people involved in the accident are admitted to the hospital except Emma. She was driving the vehicle when she collided head-on with another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Her sudden and tragic passing is an extreme loss to the family.

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Emma Wade Age

Emma Wade was 63 years old.

Krissy Devito’s children were seriously injured

Baby Greyson, Krissy Devito’s youngest son, has passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained in the car accident. His mother confirmed Greyson’s heart stopped beating around 8:55 a.m. on Friday. Krissy also revealed that he was a sweet baby who would give her loving hugs. She often approached strangers and received them kindly. She drank every bottle or ate any bite she was offered. Her sudden death is just heartbreaking. All of Krissy Devito’s children Juliana, Baylor, Greyson, and Alexander were seriously injured in the Lauderdale County car accident. They were airlifted to Vanderbilt and are currently receiving treatment for their injuries.

The doctors revealed that Baylor and Greyson were the most injured and were undergoing surgery. Greyson’s condition is at its worst and Krissy Devito shared an update on her condition with the following statement: “Doctors are not giving up and prayers are needed.” We urge all of our readers to pray for Krissy and the speedy recovery of her children. Emma “Nan” Wade, the mother of Krissy Devito, died in the tragic Lauderdale County car accident. Her funeral services are pending at this time as the family is facing a very difficult time. Here’s a digital obituary for Nan Wade. Emma Wade, of Lexington, was born in 1960. She was an amazing person who would greet everyone with a smile. She was a kind, genuine and charitable personality who always cared for everyone around her. Her sudden departure has left the family very sad.

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