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Emily Smith died 12 days after her brain tumor diagnosis. Eight-year-old Emily Smith was destined to enjoy the summer vacation with her family.

She had just left school and was in Suffolk with her parents Andy and Sarah, both 42, and her brother Harry, 12. Britain was enjoying a heat wave and they were winding down on a well-earned break. However, the holidays and the days that followed are burned into the family’s memory for a different and harrowing reason. Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, her devastated parents and brother revealed Emily’s torturous proof that she took her away from them when she was just eight years old. It all started with the young man’s arm. While on vacation, she told her parents that she felt “unusual.” The next day, he woke up to find that he had developed a limp. Andy, an NHS physiotherapist, and Sarah, a primary school teacher, called 111 immediately and Emily was taken to hospital for examination. At first, the doctors “weren’t that concerned”, Andy told MailOnline. That was until she had an MRI. It was then that they realized something was terribly wrong. A tumor was buried deep in Emily’s brain. She couldn’t have been there for long, but even though the doctors didn’t know yet, it was too late.

As they would discover in the next few days, she Emily had one of the most dangerous and aggressive tumors: a diffuse midline glioma. Worst of all, it was incurable. The schoolgirl never had a chance. Just five days after doctors first detected the brain tumor, she Emily took a turn for the worse. She woke up with a headache, vomited, and then collapsed, slipping into a coma. She was rushed to the operating room at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. It was then that the doctors realized what kind of tumor she was and how powerless they were to save her. Emily never woke up again after the surgery. Andy, Sarah, and Harry never got a chance to say goodbye to her. Six days later, eight-year-old Emily Smith died in her parents’ arms on August 8, 2022. Her family, friends and loved ones were amazed. Emily had been an energetic young woman with a bright future. She was healthy and adventurous, with a passion for art, storytelling, and music. She had climbed Mount Snowdon just two months before. Now, just 12 days after her brain tumor diagnosis, she was dead.

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Emily Smith was 8 years old.

More than 12,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumors each year

Her life had been tragically taken away before she had even finished elementary school. Her older brother, Harry, said, “She was the best sister you could wish for.” She told MailOnline: ‘She was just amazing. She was really smart. She loved school [and] she had a lot of friends. She said that she wanted to be an artist when she grew up. More than £700 million is spent each year on cancer research in the UK, but less than three per cent is spent on brain tumours. That’s despite the fact that more than 5,300 people die from brain tumors each year and it’s the deadliest cancer in children and adults under 40. When Harry found out about this, he was shocked. It is believed that at least 88,000 children and adults have brain tumors in the UK. The tumors reduce life expectancy by an average of 27 years, which is the longest of any type of cancer, with only 12 percent of adults surviving five years after their diagnosis. Harry wanted that to change. Research to combat brain tumors costs money, and he was determined to raise thousands to help the cause.

More than 12,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumors each year, an average of 33 people per day. There are around 500 new cases of brain cancer in children and young people each year. So far, Harry has raised over £21,000 in memory of his sister for the Brain Tumor Charity on JustGiving by completing a series of grueling physical challenges. He first climbed Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. “When we got to the top, there was a heart-shaped vapor trail around the Sun,” he said. “We thought it was Emily giving us a sign.” Then the 12-year-old swam a mile to honor his sister’s love of swimming. Finally, Harry cycled the 75 km from Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge to his family home in St Albans, the journey home that his sister never got to make. It wasn’t easy and Harry even fell, flying off her handlebars during the grueling seven hour cycle. Still, that didn’t affect the young man.He said: “I got up because I told myself Emily’s been through a lot worse than falling off a bike, so if she can be brave and be in hospital then I can move on, get back up.”

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