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Emily Murphy Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation Report

Emily Murphy Wiki – Emily Murphy Bio

Emily Murphy is one of six left-wing Antifa protesters who was arrested after riots that occurred in downtown Atlanta on Saturday, January 21. The six extremists were arrested after a peaceful protest turned into a “night of rage” in the Atlanta woods after the death of a fellow protester. Manuel Esteban Paez TerĂ¡n, a climate activist, was shot after police opened fire on the 26-year-old protester after he allegedly shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper.

Emily Murphy Age

Emily Murphy’s age is not mentioned.

Investigation Report

The six were detained after attempting to avenge the death of the climate activist by inciting a riot, breaking windows, setting a police car on fire and spray-painting walls. Five of the six people arrested were coming from out of state to wreak havoc. According to Police Chief Darin Schierbaum, many protesters were masked and dressed in black and were armed with explosive devices which they used to carry out the violence. They reportedly threw rocks and set off fireworks in front of a building that houses the Atlanta Police Foundation and damaged three businesses, including Wells Fargo Bank. Schierbaum said it started with a peaceful march of protesters down Peachtree Street, but suddenly, at the Ellis Street intersection, some protesters began breaking windows and attacking APD patrol cars. Schierbaum said the group planned to continue causing damage, but were unable to because Atlanta police officers on the scene prevented the violence from spreading further.

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