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Emily Hand, 8, was reported killed at Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7, the day of the Hamas invasion, but Israeli officials recently notified her family that she is among the hostages. “They told us that they had murdered her. We were grieving,” Emily’s half-sister Natalie, 26, said, according to the Times of Israel. “On October 31, they told us that it was very likely that she had been kidnapped.” In a direct message to Emily, her half-sister said: “I want to tell you that we are doing everything we can to get you home. We know she is being held hostage. We love you very much and we miss you.” The Irish embassy in Israel also confirmed to Irish broadcaster RTÉ that Emily was kidnapped and not murdered. A diplomatic official told the outlet that tests had shown that her DNA was not found among the kibbutz victims. Days after the attack, Emily’s Irish father, Tom, gave an emotional interview to CNN about what he believed was her death.

He said she Emily had gone to stay at a friend’s house on the kibbutz and that two days later, Israeli authorities told him they believed she was dead. “When we found out Emily was dead, we were like ‘Yes!’ and we smiled, because that’s the best news of the possibilities that she knew,” Tom told the outlet at the time. “If you know anything about what they do to people in Gaza, that is worse than death. That’s worse than death, the way they treat you. They would have no food, they would have no water…she would be in a dark room…and terrified every minute, hour, day and possible years to come, so death was a blessing. An absolute blessing,” he added. Natalie’s boyfriend, Natty Virado, 28, confirmed to the Irish Times on Sunday that the family was informed that Israeli intelligence believes there is a “high possibility” that Emily is being held in Gaza along with her friend and her mother. this. “This story continues to accumulate.

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Emily Hand was 8 years old.

Investigation Report

This nightmare is coming to life. Thomas is holding on, we are all holding on. “Everyone in the family is dealing with their own pain and doing the best they can,” Virado said. He also called on the Irish government to do everything it can to help. Three days ago, Tom said on social media that Narkis, the mother of her two eldest children, had been “definitely murdered” by Hamas, adding that Emily’s reported death had been “a mistaken identity.” On October 7, Tom entered his shelter during a rocket bombardment from Gaza while his daughter was sleeping at a friend’s house. “I could hear the shots getting closer. “I called my ex-wife at the kibbutz to make sure she was in a safe room and that she had locked the door and told her to call the family where Emily was sleeping,” she said at the time. Later, a high-ranking member of the community escorted him to a room where a doctor along with a psychiatrist and a social worker were waiting, and informed him that Emily had been murdered.

“They just said, ‘We found Emily and she’s dead,'” he said. Tom, who was born in Dún Laoghaire and is not Jewish, went with his family to England when he was a child, the Irish Times reported. As an adult, he signed up as a kibbutz volunteer and was assigned to Kibbutz Be’eri. “It was paradise. “I couldn’t have asked for a better place or people,” he said, according to the outlet. He fell in love with Narkis, a member of the kibbutz, and they had two children, Natalie and Aiden, 29. After his divorce, Tom married Emily’s mother, Liat, who died of breast cancer five years ago. Tom was in the process of applying for an Irish passport for Emily at the time of the attack. “She was very, very sociable and loved music. He sang at home all day and loved to dance. She watched Beyoncé videos. She was her favorite and would learn the moves very quickly. “She was always chosen for the dance routines on the kibbutz stage during the holidays, always front and center,” he previously said.

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