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When Australian woman Elly Warren was murdered in an African coastal town, the 20-year-old’s family could never have imagined that they would still be searching for her killer seven years later. As they dealt with the trauma of her death, they had to fund her own investigation, hire private investigators, and provide information to the Australian police and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. “For us, this whole process has been a disaster,” Warren’s stepfather, David Cafarella, told a coroner Wednesday. He said the Australian Federal Police and the DFAT had been “apparently unable to work together coherently” without offering financial or legal assistance or helping to repatriate her daughter’s body from Mozambique. Cafarella called on Victoria State Coroner John Cain to order the AFP to open a homicide investigation into Warren’s death and for the agency to change its processes for families of Australians who die abroad.

A standalone unit that could come together as needed on short notice to ensure all angles have been covered in no time, rather than seven years of back and forth between agencies all concerned with who is bugging whom,” he said. “I can’t help but think that if this had been done too soon, Elly’s killer would be behind bars.”Cain is investigating the cause of Warren’s death in November 2016 and the circumstances surrounding it. Jade O’Shea, testifying remotely from New Zealand, met Warren while she was working at a popular dive center in Tofo, Casa Barry, and the two became friends. She said a group of friends, including Warren, went to Victor’s Bar and then to another friend’s house to make cocktails. After an hour or two, the cocktails ran out and Warren left to go back to Victor’s Bar because she was bored. “She was definitely not drunk, she was completely coherent and sober,” O’Shea told the court. When she and the others arrived at Victor’s Bar, Warren wasn’t there and it was crowded, so the group sat in front of the bar and drank beer.

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Elly Warren was 20 years old.

Parents demand ‘justice’ after daughter’s death in Africa

Then Warren turned the corner and gestured to the group, as if she was going to get a beer from the bar and join them. That was the last time O’Shea saw her friend, around 11 p.m. on November 8. Warren, a budding marine biologist volunteering in the country, was found dead outside a toilet block in the coastal city of Tofo. AFP International Engagement commander Andrew Smith appeared before the three-day inquest on Wednesday, where he was questioned about the force’s decision not to formally investigate his death. When an Australian died abroad in suspicious circumstances, the AFP’s initial position was “where the crime was committed is where it should be investigated,” he said. “We can’t just go to another country and start doing our own research,” he told the court. Smith said AFP sent emails and letters to Mozambique authorities offering assistance with the investigation, but they did not respond. “Without the full cooperation and support of the country’s law enforcement, the role we can play is very limited,” he said.

He first visited Mozambique in May, a few months after Cain told AFP to “move heaven and earth” to find answers for Warren’s family. “That’s when the decision was made to have a high-level presence,” he said. Previously, an AFP detective superintendent had been sent to Mozambique, he said. Smith met with local police and high-level officials, including Mozambique’s deputy director of prosecution, where he said he was told for the first time that police were investigating Warren’s death as a homicide. Asked if a preliminary autopsy ruled his death a homicide, he said the report was “a small document from a doctor” and would not have influenced AFP’s decision to carry out an investigation as much as the decision to the police that it was a homicide. Blake Gray, who was offering himself as honorary consul in Mozambique for the DFAT, was sent to Tofo about three days after Warren was found. He spent a day and a half collecting information and interviewing locals before returning home. Gray said local police refused to speak to him and government officials insisted his death was “an accident.” “He couldn’t understand how he couldn’t talk to the police, who were literally 50 meters away,” he told the court. The investigation continues.

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