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Edward Wilson, 39, plunged a knife into the neck of Akeem Francis-Kerr, 29, at Valesha’s nightclub in Walsall shortly after 5am on March 11. Detectives said Wilson “showed no remorse” for his actions and even tried to convince jurors that his friend was responsible for the stabbing, despite never mentioning it during his police interview. But a jury of six men and six women found Wilson guilty of murder at Stafford Crown Court today after just over 13 hours of deliberations. Friends and family of Mr Francis-Kerr cried in the dock as the verdict was delivered, with whispers of “yes”. Francis-Kerr died an hour after being stabbed in the neck after the knife passed through his carotid and jugular veins in what prosecutors say was a dispute over who was where in the nightclub.

Prosecutor Maria Karaiskos KC told the jury that Wilson stabbed Francis-Kerr on the dance floor “out of anger, arrogance or jealousy” after returning from the bathroom and finding him talking to two women in a secluded area of the club. Wilson had been standing there since he arrived at the club an hour earlier, around 4 a.m. During his own statement to the jury, Wilson admitted that the pair had had an “altercation” and exchanged blows, but denied stabbing Mr Francis-Kerr, saying he did not even know there had been a stabbing until his friend admitted that he could have “received” it. ‘ him when they left the club. Wilson had said he simply asked Mr Francis-Kerr to move so he could retrieve his drink which he had left in the corner while he went to the toilet, but he responded by saying: “I’m not f***ed.” Moving.’

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Edward Wilson is 39 years old.

Investigation Report

The defendant said his friend then got involved and “grabbed” Mr Francis-Kerr from behind before the bouncers took the victim away, but he said he had no idea Mr Francis-Kerr had been stabbed. After the fight, Wilson said his friend wanted to “get out” of the club, so they left, first trying to get through the club’s front doors before realizing they were closed and heading toward a fire escape. They returned to the Audi that Wilson had driven to the club, along with a friend, and drove away until the woman realized she had forgotten her phone and they returned so they could retrieve it. While she was out of the car, Wilson said his friend admitted that he may have “trapped” Mr. Francis-Kerr. In his testimony, he said: ‘I asked, what do you mean? “He said he thinks he had stabbed him.

I said what do you mean you stabbed him? I didn’t even know until he told me. “I felt like the world was collapsing on my shoulders. Why would you do that?” There was no need to do any of that, it wasn’t that serious.’ Two days after the stabbing, Wilson had checked into a flat in Sheffield that his ex-partner had booked for the week of March 13-17. While prosecutors said he fled there to hide, Wilson claimed he was only in town because it was where his ex and his son lived and he was visiting, something he did regularly. Wilson was arrested at the apartment on March 14 and in several police interviews he denied being involved in the stabbing. When asked by his defense lawyer, Nigel Edwards KC, why he did not tell the police the truth if he knew his friend had admitted stabbing Mr Francis-Kerr, Wilson said he feared it would put his son and mother in disbelief endangered.

He said: “If I told the truth at that very moment, I would endanger my family’s life, my mother’s life and my son’s life.” Right now, today, is the first time I’ve told anyone that I know what happened. I have to think about my son and my mother. “I need to get back to them, so I’ll say it now.” Detective Inspector Ade George, of West Midlands Police’s homicide team, said Wilson had shown no remorse for his actions, thought he would get away with killing Akeem and was “happy to deflect” the blame onto others. . He said: “He is definitely a gentleman who does not show any remorse and does not want to accept responsibility for what happened.” “I think we can clearly see that he is someone who has a very fragile ego whose only response is violence, and extreme violence.” Judge Kristina Montgomery told Wilson, who showed no emotion, that he would be sentenced next Wednesday in the same courtroom.

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