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Edward O’Reilly, the group of six allegedly ran up the bill at The Fisherman’s Arms, Newlyn, in Penzance, Cornwall on Sunday and walked off without paying after saying they were going for a cigarette.

The pub has now said that the individuals involved in the incident have ‘paid up’, meaning the ‘matter is now closed’. It added that they even overpaid ‘as a gesture of goodwill’. The pub posted on Twitter today to inform people of the dramatic breakthrough. It said: ‘We wish to inform you that the individuals concerned regarding The Father’s Day incident have now contacted the pub and paid the bill in full, in fact they’ve overpaid as a gesture of goodwill. The matter is now closed !!’

One of the people caught on CCTV is believed to be a man named Edward O’Reilly, 23, who is known as Ned, MailOnline revealed previously. He is the managing director of a company called Kings Landscaping and he lives in a static caravan on a traveller site next to the A38 in Plympton, Devon. A number of people came forward to identify Mr O’Reilly in the footage, although the businessman is believed to deny that he was at the pub on Sunday and insists it is not him on CCTV. A Plymouth resident who hired Kings Landscaping to work on his drive instantly recognised Mr O’Reilly from the CCTV pictures. He said: ‘I remember him well. He tarmacked my drive.’ After the dine and dash, the pub’s manager posted CCTV footage on Twitter that went viral – since then she has received a number of calls to identify him. She has since passed his name on to Devon and Cornwall Police, which is investigating the alleged incident.

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Edward O’Reilly is 23 years old.

Diner ‘who did a running on a £215 lunch bill’ is the boss of a landscaping company

The group of six – two men, two women and two children – are said to have arrived at the pub around 5pm and stayed for three hours. They downed four Baileys White Russians and two Cosmopolitan cocktails as well as a cider, three pints of coca cola and three starters, six main courses and two desserts to rack up the mammoth bill. The pub manager, who gave her name as Lucy, said: ‘They weren’t the most talkative to the staff. The boys came up to the bar and asked for the bill and while they were asking for the bill the girls left out the door without anybody seeing.’They said the girls were in the toilet and would pay while they went for a cigarette. We didn’t realise the girls were already gone and the guys just went as well. I’ve had lots of people get in touch since to tell me Edward’s name.

Many of them are people who know him or have had dealings with him in the past. ‘I have worked in the industry for 14 years and this is the first time it’s happened to me, we have had people accidentally not pay and they always ring back and make it right. ‘They didn’t book so we didn’t have a name or a number.’ When asked if she felt there was a possibility they had simply forgotten to pay, the manager said: ‘No.’ The pub wrote on Instagram: ‘We are very upset to be putting up a post like this. We have had a family come in today and rack up quite a large bill then leave without paying. ‘If anyone knows the people in the photo please get in touch we unfortunately have no name or contact number for them.’

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