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Eden Westbrook, 15, was found at Fisherman’s Memorial Park in St Helens, in the northeast of the state, two hours from Launceston, in the early morning of February 18, 2015. Despite police arriving quickly and clumsily trying to shield the scene from public view, Ms. Westbrook’s body was seen by several people, including a busload of school children, due to her position in a tree. Word spread through the town of some 2,200 people and contacted Eden’s parents, Jason and Amanda Westbrook, who ran to the park to be confronted by their little girl on public display, and police did not want to disturb the scene. Eden had stormed off after an argument over her cell phone the night before and they had spent much of the night walking the streets looking for her. Coroner Olivia McTaggart ruled in September 2016 that Eden had committed suicide. An inquest with the coroner was not conducted based solely on the information from the police investigation.

Her parents strongly believe she did not take her own life and criticize the investigation, saying police had overlooked vital information. They also claim that more information has emerged in the years since that casts more doubt on the circumstances of her daughter’s death. Tasmania’s newspaper, The Mercury, has been closely following the case, and earlier this year published sensational claims that an anonymous man had visited the Westbrooks’ home and told them he knew what happened to Eden. The couple were in her garden after moving from New South Wales to St Helen’s a few years earlier to run a landscaping business, when the man drove up to her driveway. He told them that he had been drinking with a friend and they had started talking about Eden. The man told them that the teenager did not take her own life, but that she had been at a party, had been given an overdose and the way they found her body had been a setup. Westbrook called her friend, Sydney lawyer Peter Lavac, who flew out to meet them and recorded the man’s statements on audio.

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Eden Westbrook was 15 years old.

Parents refuse to believe their 15-year-old daughter killed herself

In the recording heard by the newspaper, the man, who is well known in the fishing community, said that he had been with someone a few weeks earlier in Launceston. “(My friend) heard there was more to the story and there were supposedly two people involved in getting her up that tree…a man and a woman.” They had used a rope from one of the ships…at the dock. “(Someone who knew) that the man who had supposedly put Eden in the tree had passed this information on to the person she was talking to.” The visitor provided the names of a much younger man and woman, who are known in the town but have never been named in the media. He explained that the man had allegedly confessed his involvement to his then-girlfriend, who in turn told her mother who had told the visitor’s friend. The Westbrooks said the youngest girl the visitor identified was known to act increasingly strangely in the years after Eden’s death and that she had on occasion approached her family members to tell them that she “felt it”.

Mr Lavac spoke to a Tasmanian Police inspector and offered to allow the police to interview the visitor; however, when he refused to allow a lawyer to be present, he rescinded the offer, The Australian reports. Westbrook told the newspaper this week that he believes part of the reason he has run into trouble getting Eden’s case further investigated is because he is seen as an outsider. The couple, who have seven children and are originally from the Sunshine Coast, moved to the city in the early 2000s, but still don’t consider themselves locals, according to Westbrook. “We have just had a character attack as mainlanders who have come to Tasmania and are troublemakers,” he told the publication. “So we’ve been discredited with any attempt we’ve made to get to the truth.” In her findings, the coroner said that Eden was a caring person who was doing well in Year 10 and was held in high esteem by both her students and her teachers.

But she pointed out that her school’s Internet search history showed, perhaps somewhat common for a teenager, searches on topics like unprotected sex, depression and drugs. He considered that Eden had been depressed, she had tried to harm herself before, and had written a note six months earlier stating an “intention to end her life.” Mr. Westbrook strongly denies that this was the case, saying that “at no time did Eden attempt to take her life.” Despite a large gap between the teenager leaving her parents house and arriving at the park remaining unaccounted for, the coroner said she was ‘satisfied there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding Eden’s death or that any other person was involved’. The Westbrook’s are pushing for a new open and transparent inquest to be held that would examine new information and interview new witnesses. They hope this would not only get them answers, but help put Eden’s memory to rest and heal a wound still lingering beneath the surface of the remote Tasmanian community.

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