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Dylan Gartenmayer, a freediver who was swept away by the Gulf Stream, was rescued by his family after he went missing in the Florida Keys. On Thursday, January 19, a strong current carried Gartenmayer away from his boat after resurfacing. After the incident, his friends informed his family and the US Coast Guard, who rushed to begin their search to locate him before sunset.

Meanwhile, the diver used his experience and cleverly used a bamboo stick he found and used it to stay afloat. During his family’s desperate search for him, he attempted to return to the reef by swimming through the shark-infested water for nearly two miles. In a video on social media, Gartenmayer said: “I was watching the sunset pretty quickly. I just saw a reef shark swimming next to me,” he said. “I had a bunch of baits start to go off, I could see the mackerel go off,” he added.

Dylan Gartenmayer Age

Dylan Gartenmayer is 21 years old.

Family find 21-year-old Dylan Gartenmayer free diver lost in the sea in Florida

The young diver who started diving at the age of 11 described his rescue experience remembering how he used buoys to stay afloat and about the rescue mission that failed to locate him, according to the Daily Mail. “I was starting to shake at that moment and my hands were starting to feel a little numb as were my toes so I knew this was starting to get serious I had a small plane flying overhead but they didn’t see me. About 30 minutes later they flew back, but they still haven’t seen me.

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