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Dustin William Shade, 25, and Maleah Renee Henry-Reed, 20, accused of Starving Young Children to be killed.

These defendants were literally starving these children to death,” Montgomery County District Attorney Mat Heck Jr. said at a news conference Friday.The abuse occurred between Sept. 19, 2021, and Jan. 17, 2023, authorities said. Earlier this month, the couple’s 15-month-old girl was taken to one hospital because she was sick and was later taken to another hospital for an intensive care unit.

The girl weighed less than 10 pounds, the prosecutor said. That’s about what a 15 week old would normally weigh. A search warrant was obtained for the mother’s home and officers found Shade holding the couple’s 5-year-old son. The son was found to be so malnourished that he only weighed about 20 pounds, the prosecutor’s office wrote in a news release. The mother is pregnant with her third child, the press release added.


Dustin William Shade,25, and Maleah Renee Henry-Reed is 20 years old.

Accused parents of severely malnourished children

The boy was hospitalized, Heck said. Both children had unexplained bruises on their bodies, Heck said. “If it weren’t for the emergency medical treatment, either of these two children would have died and this is simply unacceptable in our community,” Heck said. “It is very hard for one to believe that no one else saw those children. It is hard to believe that no one else, neighbors, or family members, especially during the holidays, no one else noticed these severely underweight children and also that they never reported it to the authorities. These kids deserve better. Heck also said the state had filed a motion to retain custody of the two children in the case.

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