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Dustin Barrett Owens, 38, a Virginia corrections officer opened fire on his pregnant girlfriend, killing her and the unborn child in a hail of bullets, police said. according to wiki-bio,

Dustin Barrett Owens, 38, was arrested Monday in the murder of Amber Dawn Compton, of Vansant, Virginia, who was seven months pregnant with her baby, the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office said.

Compton, a 35-year-old nurse and mother of three, was reported missing Saturday and was found dead around 10 p.m. that night inside her house.

She had multiple gunshot wounds, the sheriff’s office said.

“We are still trying to establish a timeline of her movements and what she had done in the last few days prior to the discovery of her body,” Buchanan County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Eric Breeding told People. . “The last time she was seen alive was Thursday night.”

Dustin Barret Owens and Amber Dawn Age

Dustin Barrett Owens, 38, and Amber Dawn was 35 years old.

Dustin Barret Owens- Murder Amber Dawn Investigation

After searching the home, investigators turned their attention to Owens, who was arrested at his Vansant home on Sunday.

Owens was charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond at the Haysi facility of the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority. Authorities said additional charges may be filed.

According to Breeding, both Owens and Compton worked at the Keen Mountain Correctional Facility in Oakwood, Virginia. Compton was a registered nurse at the prison, her obituary says.

Authorities did not disclose the motive for the murder.

We feel like we have a motive that would be pretty easy to prove,” Breeding told People.

Compton fathered three children with another man, but police believe Owens was the father of the baby she was carrying, though DNA testing is yet to be done.

Compton’s mother, Rachel Compton, told News Channel 11 that her daughter worked tirelessly for her children.

She was a wonderful, wonderful mom,” said Rachel Compton. “A wonderful daughter. Everything that she ever did (was) done (for) the benefit of her children.”

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