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Duprie Smith, 29, who was shot and was heading to hospital at the time of the crash, has been released without bail by Judge Michael Greenlick, despite prosecutors requesting that it be set at $100,000. The family of victim Ryan Ambrose is now demanding justice for the boy. “He was killed by a drunk driver and now this guy is at his house watching TV and my grandson is on a case at the funeral home right now,” the boy’s grandfather, Mario Trejo, told KPTV. “We think this is not fair. What are they trying to do? Wait until he kills someone else and then arrest him? He was drunk driving 90 miles per hour. He ran all the red lights. This is not fair. Where is justice? We need it. The whole family needs it.” Smith claimed in a now-deleted Facebook post that he was “shot twice” and was on his way to the hospital when he “passed out from blood loss [and] crashed into another car.”

Police said Smith had an unrelated gunshot wound when he was found at the scene and was taken to the hospital. Smith claimed to have received the injuries at his brother’s funeral. Smith’s attorney claimed that his client drove to the hospital because he believed he was “bleeding out” and that the ambulance was taking too long. After being released from treatment, he was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of driving under the influence and manslaughter. Dashcam footage of Smith’s car showed him “driving erratically” and he was heard saying, “Where’s the hospital?” and “I’m going to die,” the affidavit read, according to KGW 8. The footage also allegedly showed Smith running red lights, swerving sharply into traffic, before crashing into the car Ambrose was in. The affidavit estimated that Smith was driving 86 mph in a 30 mph speed limit zone, flipping his car.

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Duprie Smith is 29 years old.

Judge slammed for releasing accused drunk driver without bail after ‘killing’ 11-year-old

Smith was released Monday after Greenlick failed to require bail to be posted. However, he is still not allowed to use non-prescription drugs, he cannot drive, nor enter bars, taverns or any business that serves alcohol, according to KPTV. Ambrose had been visiting his grandparents for two weeks and was only hours away from catching a flight back to his mother when Smith crashed into them. “Everyone is destroyed. I can’t tell you what the pain is like. He came to visit us for two weeks. She was seven hours away from the flight home with his mother. Now mom is going to receive it in a case. Imagine the pain,” said the grandfather. “The man who did this is free in his house. We don’t want to tell him yet, we don’t know how to tell him yet.” The family has gathered near the crash site to hold signs calling for justice. Ambrose’s aunt, Jennifer Trejo, held on to the boy’s Spiderman figurine that she “always loved to share with everyone.”

“Every morning he would wake up, hug everyone and tell them how much he loved them. He loved to play,” she told KPTV. “He would cross the border into Mexico and share his toys. It was so sweet and it was taken from us in less than a second. “It is not fair that I go out on the street when my baby is in a coffin. He needs to be locked up. We all suffer and we all need justice. We need to get him locked up.” The family is asking the Portland community to “help” get justice done. “Don’t do it for us, do it for the little boy. He was 11 years old. He did not do anything wrong to anyone,” Mario said. “It’s not fair that he was killed by a drunk guy who was driving 90 miles an hour, running every red light. It can’t have been an accident. He knew that if he drove like that he could kill someone and he didn’t care. He was driving 90 miles per hour. No lights, no stopping at a single red light. So what did you expect to happen? Ambrose’s death is the sixth accident-related death in 16 days and the 34th this year in Portland. Smith is expected to appear in court on August 1.

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