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Dr Carla George, 45, was on a work call at her home in Banbury, Oxon, when she heard a massive explosion on Tuesday last week. She thought some boxes must have fallen into the attic of her house, but was later told they could have fallen from a landing plane in a “one in a million” accident. When she went to investigate she realized that she could see the blue sky and found a large block of ice on the ground. Dr. Carla, a criminology field researcher who recently completed her PhD, called the fire department. She claims a firefighter told her it was probably due to ice falling from a plane en route to Heathrow. She has been quoted £12,000 to fix the roof, which will be covered by her home insurance. Dr Carla, who lives alone, said: “I was working in my office and heard a loud bang. ‘It is used as a warehouse and I thought they were boxes but I saw the door open and the roof completely open. “I went up to the attic and saw ice everywhere and I didn’t know where it came from – it looked like something out of a movie.” ‘I was shocked.

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Dr Carla George is 45 years old.

Ice ‘from airplane’ crashes through Banbury woman’s roof

My neighbor rang the doorbell and said, “Do you know there’s a hole in the roof?” It was so unusual. “I thought it was some kind of explosion when I got there.” Although she was told that the most likely cause of the damage was falling debris from a plane, Dr. Carla says she heard nothing that day. She said: “We have planes flying overhead but I didn’t hear any that day nor did my neighbor so it was really surprising.” “My neighbor said he used to work on airplanes and once dropped a suitcase.” Although temporarily covered with a tarp, Dr. Carla’s roof will need a complete repair. She said: ‘The ice blocks took a whole day to melt and then we had the insurers come. ‘The roofers made a temporary repair the next day and we are waiting for the surveyors to assess the damage and see what can be done for restoration work. ‘At the moment we still have the hole in the headliner; You can see the siding from the outside. At least the insurance covers everything. “And at least it didn’t hit any other rooms and there were no injuries, it’s just me being shocked and trying to process the whole thing!.

Oxfordshire firefighters confirmed they were called to Dr Carla’s home last week. They said the hole is believed to have been caused by a large chunk of ice that fell from the sky. The Civil Aviation Authority said 25 “ice fall” incidents are reported each year on 2.5 million flights. Captain John Hutchinson, 86, is a retired Concorde pilot and aviation expert. Regarding the possibility that the damage was caused by an ice fall, he said: “It’s not the first time it’s happened, that’s for sure.” ‘As for why the ice falls… well, toilets don’t flush overboard, so to speak, so it won’t be from a toilet. ‘To me the most likely scenario is that there was water in the landing gear compartment when the plane took off, which formed into ice and would remain as a block of ice while cruising at 35,000 feet. ‘And when the plane landed at 3,000 or 4,000 feet, the landing gear would be selected down and dropped; that would be a solution. “It is very possible that the cause was a block of ice that fell from a plane.” John flew airplanes from 1955 to 1992.

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