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Doug Gerber, a Kansas City manager, was suspended (and is expected to be fired) after staff received an email showing him masturbating on a couch. The disturbing video of Shawnee City Council’s $190,000-a-year administrator Doug Gerber was emailed to several employees from an anonymous account with the subject: “MOST IMPORTANT.” It appears to have been filmed by Gerber, who also appeared to be alone during the sex act, according to the Kansas City Star, which reviewed the tape after obtaining email records through a public information request. It was not immediately clear who exactly sent the clip and how he obtained it. “This is simply a disturbed individual trying to cause problems with the city,” a city IT employee wrote to staff members in the Kansas City suburb.

However, the anonymous sender told the Kansas City Star in an email exchange that they wanted to expose Gerber’s online behavior, suggesting the masturbation clip was to attract someone, apparently without evidence. “We do not hesitate to expose the people involved in these dubious and un-Catholic practices,” the sender wrote. Gerber had been investigated for rumors of prior “impropriety” before being hired in March, board President Eric Jenkins confirmed to the Star, without elaborating. However, the consulting firm that led the job search assured them that “she thoroughly searched Mr. Gerber’s background and found absolutely nothing that would give us reason not to select him,” Jenkins said. Still, Shawnee Mayor Michelle Distler said she was “not incredibly surprised” by the scandal because of unspecified concerns about Gerber’s behavior at her previous job in Topeka.

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Investigation Report

“What I do know is that during the city manager hiring process, the governing body had been made aware of prior issues and allegations against Mr. Geber,” she said in a statement. “Additional concerns I raised during those discussions were dismissed and the council proceeded to select Mr. Gerber, stating that he was most closely aligned with their values.” The local newspaper noted that Gerber could be a victim of a state law that prohibits sharing such sexual material without permission. However, the city council held an emergency meeting Wednesday night and voted unanimously to place Gerber on administrative leave, in part for keeping the scandal under wraps for more than a month.

“This email was received at City Hall, as we were told, on September 29. I didn’t find out about this situation until Halloween night,” a little more than a month later, said Jenkins, the council president. “If you couldn’t communicate about this, what else couldn’t you communicate about?” Jenkins told KCTV. “I mean, this was the first big test he had and it didn’t go very well. That’s why I think our actions were appropriate, they were measured.” An interim manager is being chosen and Gerber is expected to be fired, said Jenkins, who told KCTV he doesn’t “see how this man can move forward as the leader of our staff and our go-to person as city manager.” Three city council candidates issued a joint statement calling for an investigation into Gerber’s and the city council’s actions in the month after the video was first shared. Gerber declined to discuss the scandal, including why anyone would send the video and why it was not revealed to council members sooner. “I don’t think it’s in the city’s best interest to comment at this time,” Gerber told the Kansas City Star.

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