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Donell Anderson was charged with the murder of his wife, Imani Roberson, 29, police said. Police investigating the disappearance of Georgia woman Imani Roberson have arrested her husband, Mr. Anderson, and charged him with murder. The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office held a news conference Saturday morning to provide an update on the case after Roberson’s body was found. Roberson, a 29-year-old mother of four, had been missing for nearly three weeks. “It was clear that foul play was evident in the disappearance,” Sheriff Eric Levett said. Levett said Roberson was last seen by her mother on July 16, after having dinner at her home with her four children. After leaving her mother’s house, Roberson returned home with two of her children, a 3-year-old and a 1-month-old, while two older children stayed overnight with her grandmother. Roberson left in her white Mazda SUV on Plantation Boulevard.

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Donell Anderson’s age is not mentionedend.

Donell Anderson Arrested: Suspect in the Murder of his wife Imani Roberson, Investigation Report

The next day, her mother went to the Roberson home after making several unsuccessful attempts to contact her daughter and worrying. The grandmother found no one in the house and called the police to report her daughter missing. Levett said the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office immediately opened an investigation, contacted family and friends and identified places Roberson frequented. On July 27, police found Roberson’s car in a wooded area near Camp Creek Parkway near Union Road in Atlanta. The car was reportedly burned from the inside out. Ring camera video of a house across the street from Roberson’s office obtained by FOX 5 Atlanta showed the vehicle sped out of the driveway the day she disappeared.

The investigation led police to a home Roberson and her husband, Donell Anderson, shared. “This investigation led us to place several home search warrants to include our victim’s home, a car and cell phones,” Levett said. “In addition, we talked to several people, we collected a series of evidence to include blood in the house of our victims and in other places that I will not be specific about.” The sheriff said investigators found Roberson’s body Friday morning with the help of a K-9 cadaver. The body matched a description by Roberson, including tattoos that matched family-provided photos of her. A SWAT team dispatched by the sheriff’s office arrested Anderson Friday at an Atlanta apartment. He is charged with felony manslaughter, felony manslaughter, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime. Levett told reporters that the investigation remains open and more people could face charges.

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