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Shocking doorbell video captures Dominic Austin, a white teenager repeatedly banging on the door of a Black woman and her daughter, spitting racial slurs and threatening to rape and murder the Oregon women while making stabbing motions with a knife. Nubrittany Smith told KOIN that she and her mother, Tasha, began receiving terrifying visitors shortly after moving into her new apartment in Gresham, a city in the Portland suburbs, in June. Smith shared Ring camera videos of the man, identified as neighbor Dominic Austin, 19, repeatedly walking up to their door shirtless, and brandishing and thrusting a sword as if attacking them.

“I will rape your daughter, bitch!” the suspect says in a video. “You’re about to get murdered,” he says in another, adding, “Call the police, bitch!” The footage also shows the man mumbling about slavery and saying that he wants the two women to be whipped. In one, he stops walking away to turn around and say, “N-er bitch.” Smith notified police and building management on June 30, the day after the first incident, and she continued to report the threats, with nothing being done, she complained. “We were terrified, upset, we didn’t know what was happening,” she told KOIN. “We instantly took the Ring camera videos, attached them to an email and sent them to Landings at Morrison,” she said of the apartment complex.

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Dominic Austin is 19 years old.

Investigation Report

Management only notified Austin on September 8 and an eviction notice was then filed, according to KOIN. “Part of the lease says that if a tenant threatens another tenant, the landlord can evict the violator with 24 hours’ notice,” attorney Greg Kafoury told the outlet. “The people who run this huge apartment complex don’t give a damn,” he said. “The police didn’t give a damn. And I don’t know how anyone can watch those videos and come to any other conclusion.” Smith complained about the response to her complaints. “As a black woman, we (my mother and I) felt like we weren’t heard. I feel like we weren’t important,” she told KOIN. In August, another resident had filed a temporary protective order against Austin for similar threats that were reported to police at least twice, according to the outlet. Austin was arrested Sept. 20 on one count of menacing and 10 counts of violating a harassment protection order. “The system and the landings at Morrison failed me,” Smith told the station. “I do not feel safe. Because today he is in jail but I don’t know what will be tomorrow. He could be released at any time. So what happens next?

Smith has launched a GoFundMe account to raise money to move out of the complex. “We have been enduring harassment from the tenant who lives above us since June 29, 2023. The individual is struggling with his mental health and has been coming to my unit making death threats, racial slurs, and rape threats,” wrote. Gresham police told the outlet in a statement: “We are aware of the suspect’s terrible conduct in this case, including statements indicating that the motivation for the crime is hate or bias. We share the concern of our communities and appreciate the unique impact that hate crimes, in particular, have on victims. “Although the suspect has been arrested and is currently in custody, the investigation continues. “We are working with the district attorney’s office to ensure the suspect is charged with the appropriate crimes,” police continued. “As in all cases where we are informed of a concern about our response, we will review our response to identify ways to improve our service to the community,” the statement added. The Post has reached out to The Landings at Morrison Apartments for comment.

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