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Who is Dmitri Mishin? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation Report

Dmitri Mishin Wiki – Bio

Dmitri Mishin, a man seen on surveillance video firing a blank gun inside a synagogue in San Francisco and brandishing a gun inside a theater a few blocks away last week has been arrested, police said.

Dmitri Mishin, 51, of San Francisco, is currently in jail on charges of disrupting religious gatherings and removing or displaying an imitation firearm, according to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office. He is accused of entering the Schneerson Center for Jewish Life in the Richmond District of San Francisco on Wednesday night. The defendant can be seen on video wearing a baseball cap and jacket firing blanks, setting off a muzzle flash.

Dmitri Mishin Age

Dmitri Mishin is 51 years old.

Dmitri Mishin Arrested

The San Francisco Chronicle cited witnesses who said he made a comment that he was with Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, before waving and walking out the door. Nobody was hurt. Police said they found spent casings in the synagogue that were possibly blanks. Alon Chanukov, vice chairman of the synagogue’s board, told Fox San Francisco affiliate KTVU that people were shocked when he fell apart. Half of them didn’t realize what was happening,” he said.

“Some of them duck. They didn’t even get up from their seats before this was all over.” The suspect is believed to have brandished a weapon at a theater a few blocks away the night before the synagogue attack, police said. A theater employee told police a man pulled out a gun while he was talking to employees and looking at merchandise in the theater before leaving. Nobody was hurt. A search of the suspect’s home reportedly turned up evidence related to both cases, but police did not elaborate on what they found.

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