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Dinush Kurera Wiki – Dinush Kurera Bio

Dinush Kurera has been charged with murder after a mother of three was stabbed to death at her home in Sandhurst, southeast of Melbourne. His Biography, Crime, Investigation, and read more details.

The couple, who had three children together, are known to have separated after 20 years of marriage around a year ago. His 14-year-old son allegedly also suffered injuries in the alleged event, including a stab wound to the neck. He underwent an emergency procedure and is currently in critical but stable condition. The next court date for Mr. Kurera is in April; he did not ask for bail.

Dinush Kurera Age

Dinush Kurera is 45 years old.

Nelomie Perera daughter went to the Neighbors for help

The 44-year-old woman’s daughter ran to her neighbors for help, but her mother could not be saved. In CCTV footage, her daughter can be heard knocking on her neighbor’s door and pleading for help.

                                               Watch CCTV footage

‘Please, please, please,” the daughter says, before adding lurid details of the alleged attack.’ I’m pretty sure she’s dead.

We’re here, we’re here, we’re here,” a neighbor is heard shouting. But it was already too late, her mother, Nelomie Perera, had been murdered. She was just saying, ‘My mom is dead, my mom is dead,'” neighbor Paul Vavitis told 9News. Police said in a statement that a 45-year-old Sandhurst man had been charged with murder. 9News understands that the accused man was the husband of the mother of three, Dinush Kurera.

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Kurera is also alleged to have attacked his teenage son, who managed to escape with a non-life-threatening head injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The ordeal unfolded at Sandurst de Perera’s home just before midnight. 9News understands that Perera recently separated from her husband. Neighbors said that she had just changed the locks on the family home. Those who knew Perera say that she was a kind and sweet woman and an excellent mother.

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